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How important it is I can only imagine

With items of value, compare

What do you say, oh object of largeness?

Will you see me through there?

So perfect, light's friend

Lovely, like grace

A drink, but not a drink

It's aid, one of its creators

But it never ends

The beach, the wind

The sandy roots you see

So now do you know what I mean?

*I'm a bit rusty, not writing one in a while, so forgive me....:blush:

Edited by EDM

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Hey sushil...you're a year late, but that could be an alternative answer to the actual answer (glass)...:)


Solved by: Phaze...:D

Alternate answer by: sushil... :)

*btw, sushil...it's the custom to post answers in spoilers...the blue 'S' button... :)

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