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These Leave applications came in an email....very funny..... :lol: :lol:

Infosys , Bangalore : An employee applied for leave as follows:

"Since I have to go to my village to sell my land along with my wife , please sanction me one-week leave."

Another gem from CDAC. Leave-letter from an employee who was performing his daughter's wedding:

"as I am marrying my daughter , please grant a week's leave.."

From H.A.L. Administration Dept:

"As my mother-in-law has expired and I am only one responsible for it , please grant me 10 days leave."

Another employee applied for half day leave as follows:

"Since I've to go to the cremation ground at 10 o-clock and I may not return , please grant me half day casual leave"

An incident of a leave letter:

"I am suffering from fever , please declare one-day holiday."

A leave letter to the headmaster:

"As I am studying in this school I am suffering from headache. I request you to leave me today"

Another leave letter written to the headmaster:

"As my headache is paining , please grant me leave for the day."

Covering note:

"I am enclosed herewith..."

Another one:

"Dear Sir: with reference to the above , please refer to my below..."

Actual letter written for application of leave:

"My wife is suffering from sickness and as I am her only husband at home I may be granted leave".

Letter writing:-

"I am well here and hope you are also in the same well."

And Finally....

A candidate's job application:

"This has reference to your advertisement calling for a ' Typist and an Accountant - Male or Female'... As I am both(!! )for the past several years and I can handle both with good experience , I am applying for the post...

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Some I made up on-the-spot.

"Sorry I can't come work, but I got tickets to see [insert band name here] and didn't realize they were playing on the same day that you kept telling us the new owner was coming."

On a handwritten letter in the employee's handwriting (with signature): "I have temporarily lost use of my hands due to the doctors cutting them off. I expect to be recovered and back to work whenever I feel like getting some aesthetic hands."

"I have used up all my sick days, so I'm calling in dead."(I actually remember this one from somewhere)

"Well, we could talk about how I keep showing up late or not showing up at all, or we could just leave it how it is; me running in, spilling my coffee on your new suit, and you threatening to fire me, but not actually doing it."

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