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Krystal Waters

Blue, green, red, and more.

This colored water will flow, I'm sure.

In its depths I spy something clear.

Why do you leave when there's nothing to fear?

I take the crystal from the liquid's hold,

and now the water is clear, and not so cold.

Looking at this crystal now,

I wipe some water from my brow.

Not from the water do the colors come,

and a realization makes my body numb.

For not the colored water holds something clear,

but the water holds a colored crystal dear.

Staring in the depths of this pool,

I found something clear and cool.


So remember love and pain,

the inner you that cannot be slain,

and never surrender to the dark,

as you are not a minnow but a shark.

You may not see yourself so true,

though friends and lovers do.

Never surrender to any but you,

and live your life all the way through.

I would just like some thoughts on my poem; emotions, memories, etc., anything you want to say about it.

p.s. I don't like how I suddenly changed perspective at the --- mark. Any ideas about that would also be welcome.

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