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this is a check yourself riddle you see

so not to be main priority

below, at the end, a spoiler sits

to all those one - guessers stopping by just for kicks

how ever you can guess, feel free! go ahead!

just be prepared to get get the quickest answer instead

and allso: feel free to tell me how you fared

if you used the spoiler, i really do care

just dont give the answer away in your post

so down the answer line others can coast (without the riddle getting ruined :dry: )


i have 4, others may too

or may have any number (greater than two)

for one is just you, without a friend

and because with you, it ends

sometimes they care

sometimes they dont

sometimes they will

sometimes they wont

sometimes they shall

sometimes they shalt

sometimes they can

sometimes they cant

mine supports

...most of the time...

others are bad

and commit horrendous crimes

either way, i hope you see

the answer is my/your/their _________


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I believe the negative of shall is shant (shan't). Plus, it will rhyme better.

Great riddle though. I looked at the spoiler right away. I have no will power. I like the line about ones that commit horrendous crimes.

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