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I'm not a plasmid (?!?)


The mysteries of how I react

Are now broken down to a science

My strands stretch out in parallel tracts

They're known for their inter-reliance

With path that's endless, ever progress

And carry my master's injunction

The message borne is anyone's guess

Decode it, perhaps learn my function

This world's indeed a place of distress

Should I go without my protection

A lipid coat solves part of that mess

Attraction could bring an infection

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Not DNA or genes or anything along those lines. A plasmid is a bit of circular DNA outside of an organism's main chromosome that's usually used to deliver a small set of genes, so the title would rule out such answers.

A spider web usually doesn't carry a message, unless of course it happens to be one of Charlotte's webs.

And a scar could certainly carry a message, but there's a line about having an endless path that's a fairly important clue for this riddle.

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This one goes to plainglazed for telling what I'd be if I weren't me.

A fiber optic cable would do, but I had any old generic cable in mind.

Most of them carry multiple parallel wires in a bundle (from audio cables that contain two or three wires to monitor cables that have bunches) and will need to form a complete circuit to transmit a signal. The insulation is like a hydrophobic cell membrane, and the bit about "attraction causing an infection" refers to signals produced by passing a magnetic field across a wire.

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Wow, totally agree with EDM.

the metal wire cable for the magnetic corruption but settled with the fiber optic cable mostly due to the endless path bit and lasers.

Have held off on your last several plasmid, as was sure I had the answer early and wanted all those unfamiliar with your Im Not A's to have the pleasure only to find out I was way wrong from the start. Liked this answer but had liked those other wrong ones as well and suspected I might have been missing something again. Great stuff. All should check his others.

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