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Molly Mae


Driving home on Friday night,

I came upon a dreadful sight.

A car was veering left 'n right,

Ever closer came the light

'Til sure enough he struck fast

And all my dreams would never last.

Twisting metal, splintered wood

Something leaking 'neath the hood.

I couldn't move, nor could I speak

My mind was focused on that leak.

Unscathed, the other left his car

I knew he'd not long left the bar

He came close and watched my death

Booze had lingered on his breath.

With all I've done and all I've seen,

I'm finally home in Fiddler's Green.

What is the occupation of the drunk driver?

EDIT: It's not hard, I know. But I really liked the rhyme and just couldn't part with that one part. =P

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Hmmm.... I'm considering accepting this. But if you're a little more "playful" with the answer, I'll mark as solved.

I'm thinking

A Soldier or Ship's Captain

See above.

I believe the proper name is

Lighthouse keeper


I always wanted that job... but I'd probably be bored.

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nice maurice, i wouldn't have gotten that.

Thx, but it took hints...and googling Fiddler's Green

hope Molly meant playful to mean jolly

{hic} I know noth {hic} ing about no rum {hic}

Edited by maurice
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