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Mitochondrial Eve

An unbroken mitochondrial (mt) DNA line that can *theoretically* be traced back to this point/person. (She began the mtDNA line of all present-day humans.)

mtDNA is passed on matrilineally - Mitochondrial Eve's mtDNA line has not ended between her & the peoples of the present-day.

Most common matrilineal ancestor of present-day humans, matrilineal phylogenetic tree.

Each successive generation of human females continues the mtDNA line. (Each generation is a new end of the line ... if the human race should disappear, that is.)

Thanks to all those who played along & stuck with! Enjoy your weekend! ^_^

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Mitochondrial Eve?

I dismissed this idea because Mitochondria and Eve were ruled out, but somehow once I see it on paper it looks better...if this is the answer ...arrrghhh

If it is the answer, good answer DD

{edit didn't see there was a page 9...

Well Done DD!!!}

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