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Strange fight...



Time's running out. Panic!

Then take a deep breath

No, not a war

But it may as well be

A battle from morning to noon

Emotions peeking out now and then

With weapons of might, Attack!

Then after you are done

Like gladiators, walk out

And at the end....return triumphant

Victory is yours!

And your 'people' go wild!

This is supposed to be a 'vague' WAI.....so...begin!!! :D

oh, yeah....rel.req...:D

(check my profile for that abreviation. :D)

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What's the point in a poll with only one option

:offtopic: The point is not to have a poll, but to have a way of saying who answered the riddle correctly & mark it as "Solved" on the forum. In the "Comments & Suggestions" forum there are some discussions on the use of polls for this purpose, if you'd like to read what others have thought & why it's done this way.

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