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Oh... well, my dad has me this weekend, so I may or may not be able to get on... EDM and I will have to talk a little :rolleyes:

EDM and I are seldom on at the same time, so I'll set up the little PM things, probably sending a 'testing' message, and I'll let EDM choose the roles :)

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I have a few questions since we're starting soon.

1) Do the FBI have a group kill at night?

2) What happens in the event of a tied lynch(es)?

3) Does the bodyguard protect the Godfather from an RID kill? I ask because I think for a lot of older players, RID trumps all.

4) Will you include the answers to the above (especially the tie lynch result) along with the final roster in the game's OP?


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Consigliere: The Godfather's chief advisor. Has BTSC with Godfather. Can redirect one person each night. If his target is an FBI/Indy, then they must choose whether to do what the Consigliere says or be outed. Their choice is sent with their action

EDIT: 1. There is a Nightkill, yes. It took a LONG time for the squad to get permission for that.

2. In the event of a tied lynch, I'll flip a coin heads or tails for each (each has 50% chance of dying).

3. If Godfather happens to be the first vote on Inside Man, then the bodyguard will know better than to stand between old partner and his revenge.

4. Yes, yes I will.

And you're welcome :)

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Hosts: NickFleming and EDM






6. Izzy

7. Molly

8. DD

9. Vineetrika



12 Slick.

13. onetruth







Too late to register, but at least sitting at the backup bench.

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@ EVERYONE: Post final actions in red. I'll still look for changes, but if you finalize it I can write it down and keep track of all this stuff easier.

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Don't want to sound too much as a newbie here, but when exactly do we start? :D

Is there an official clock or something?

The game cycles between a night phase and a day phase. The default is to start with a night phase (N1). That started yesterday. If your role has a night action, then you will reply to Nick and EDM and give your action in a red font. For instance, if you have a spy role then you need to tell them who to target. So you would reply spy tpax. Once all the night actions are in, Nick and EDM will compile them and build a narrative. At the end of N1, they will post the narrative and we will all discover who, if anyone, was killed. It will also include other actions and clues. That will be the beginning of the day phase (D1) which consists of the lynch. The roster will be posted and we (the players) will all start discussions and voting. You vote by annotating the roster next to your name with the name of who you are voting for. Each person receiving a vote will also get their own color. This will be easier to understand once you see a few people vote. The voting action is pretty easy on this forum. Simply reply to the previous vote and [iMPORTANT] remove the

tags (simply delete them in the reply). This will allow the colors and formatting to carry over. Again, this will be easier to understand once you see a few people vote.

I haven't seen an official "end time" from Nick or EDM, but each phase will typically last 24 hours. So if N1 ends at 7:00 pm then D1 would likewise end at 7:00 pm. Also, there would normally be a fresh new topic created at the actual beginning of the game. So keep an eye out for a 2nd maFBIa topic. That will probably be the actual game topic where will be posting/playing.

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Well, Since Nick and I are at totally different timezones, N1 may be a bit longer than 24 hours (maybe 36 hrs...). Please bear with us as I'm silly and Nick is not.....:lol::D

Almost all actions have been sent.....now if only Nick was on right now.....:)

Edited by EDM
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REMINDER: MAFIA ARE BADDIES. FBI ARE GOODIES. It's reverse of normal, but it fits the connotation. When it comes to the interrogator's ability to ask if something is true or not, baddy will be treated as Mafia, Goody as FBI unless they correct their mistake in a later post. Thank you :)

Currently working on order of actions.

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Oh.... I never did the beginning OP did I? Huh, guess I forgot about it. The other one will work. Ummmm, I'll keep this thread since I forgot to label it signups, and it saves space anyways.

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