EDIT: Latest update fabpig has stopped the destruction this time, but now the real game is afoot! How would you fare as the evil mastermind? Pit your wits against the world and come up with a cunning code! See more ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previous game, read this first if you don't know what's going on: Greetings, people of the world, I bring good news! For too long this planet has suffered with consumerism, pollution, global warming, bad hollywood scripts, energy crisis, and growing population leading to shortage of food and space. It's time somebody did something, and since we at OctopuppyCorp believe in proactive responsible action, we've decided to step up. We have taken control of the computer systems of all the world's armed forces, and will now proceed to obliterate the United States of America with a massive nuclear stike. Now don't worry, people of the USA, there is no cause for alarm. In order to assist with your orderly evacuation, we will only destroy one state at a time. I think it best that I don't tell you which states in advance so as not to cause panic locally. The world's nuclear missiles are now controlled by our distributed computer system which I, the CEO of OctopuppyCorp, will command remotely from my secret island base. Don't think that just because you can also transmit commands to the system, this will help you in any way. The system accepts 51 commands, 50 of which are the name of the US state to obliterate. The other command is "ABORT" which shuts down the system completely. Frankly I can't remember why I put that in there, well anyway, it's no use to you because each command has its own unique password. I understand the US govenment is offering a huge reward to whoever can guess the password for "ABORT", but since all passwords are 8 character alphanumeric strings, you have no hope! Also don't bother trying to find the passwords written down anywhere. I know 51 passwords is too much to remember, but writing them down wouldn't suit my hectic lifestyle and paranoid megalomaniac personality. I devised a cunning hashing algorithm, so that each password is derived from the command it authorizes. It's simple enough that I can do it in my head in just a few seconds, without memorizing any big lookup tables. I've probably said too much, since every time I destroy a state you will be able to intercept the command (name of state) and accompanying password. Still, my hashing algorithm is so clever you will never figure it out! The winner of the game will be: ME!!! hahaha But in the unlikely event that somebody guesses the password to "ABORT" it will be the first person to do so. Anyone can join in at any time, but each player can only make one guess for every state that I destroy. You may make suggestions as to which state I should obliterate next, if you think it will help your futile attempts to thwart me. Or if you just don't like the place much. We at OctopuppyCorp pride ourselves on listening to our client base and taking suggestions on board. Thank you for your time. Now, what have I forgotten? Oh yes, the laugh... heh heh, heh heh hahaha, ahaha, MWUHAHAHAHAAA!!! Commands sent: Command: CALIFORNIA Password: JOQPGJMZ Command: DELAWARE Password: FQBXZKDE Command: ALASKA Password: LTZKBZJR Command: TEXAS Password: TZWDSRBY Command: ALABAMA Password: NZCZKBZL Command: TENNESSEE Password: FFTTFOOF Command: IDAHO Password: IZEJNGBC Command: ARIZONA Password: ONYHSZBO Command: HAWAII Password: JJZVBIJJ Command: MAINE Password: FOJZLDMH Command: IOWA Password: XNHBXNHB Command: UTAH Password: IZSTGBUV Command: INDIANA Password: OZHEOJZM Command: OHIO Password: JINPJINP Command: LOUISIANA Password: OZHRHTPM Command: KENTUCKY Password: ZLDVUOFL Command: VERMONT Password: UONLSFWU Command: MARYLAND Password: OZKXSZLE Command: MICHIGAN Password: OZFHGBHL Command: FLORIDA Password: JQPMGZEJ Command: NEBRASKA Password: LTZSADMB Command: COLORADO Password: MNBPCBQP Command: OREGON Password: ONFDSNMP Command: NEWMEXICO Password: DJYFNXFO Command: ILLINOIS Password: TJNMHKKH Command: ABORT Password: UQPABUQP Thwarted by fabpig!