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Opposites Attract


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Dont know how/if this one will go over. Each answer will be two words that are opposites and synonomous to the clue. Scribbled it down late last night after happy hour and probably didn't do enough editting this a.m. In reviewing just now, some may be quite hard (and by that I mean bad on my part - try to be challenging but not too). As an excuse, will say it was difficult not making them too easy.

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Basic, Complex?

Woot Woot! that's correct. nicely done.

#1 > common sense/less likely or few agree

#2> chill out/chill acts(ax) lol or kick back

not quite it. my instruction was unintentionally misleading, I fear. a synonym of each half of the clue will make up each half of the two opposites as the answer.

IDK! These are hard!

yeah, maybe. but folks here are real smart - you, too. think of synonyms of one of the clue words and maybe its opposite will be apparent as a synonym of the other clue word.

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2 - cool/tropical

gonna have to say not it.

Left, Right?

right on!

Halt, Advance?

oh, you're good, not what I had in mind but absoulutely an alternative answer. I figured there would be other qualifying answers. All here are so creatively clever.

12. acid/alkaline

(I'm thinking PH1 + PH14 = water (elementary compound)


#7 - open & shut

yes indeed! thought this was one of the tougher ones. good stuff.

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