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Say Uncle



It's a sticky situation

Sort of a raw deal

For this argument's sake

It might make you reel

And when it's called to action

Succumbing to the strain

Sifting thru the matter

For body to attain

Yet's not all black and white

Though wild as it can be

Surely you now know what is

The long and short of me

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hey all - Framm 18 has the intended answer. nicely done. sorry wasn't as timely responding to this one. came together real quick. with inspiration from some kind hand rolled tasties. mojobrain's slick response does indeed hold water as evidenced by unreality's confirmation. also quite worthy were ~ChaosLilly~'s,kac_cotu's and objeff's angle ;) . really all the above were quite clever. hope none are too disappointed.

the first two lines were meant to indicate the "sort" of sushi rice. in the next two lines, "argument's" was intended as a contraction not as possessive and "sake" as in kanpai! and not as in for goodness sake so rice wine. lines 5-8 describe rice as a verb ("called to action") with "body" as in consistency. next two lines as in wild rice and the last two lines hint at long and short grain rice.

always fun. hope to see you all next time.

Edited by plainglazed
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