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I'm not a chess piece


As we face off, the white and black

I stand beside my twin

See sunbeams fall through patterned cracks

That lie above this den

Of diamond, sir, my heart's composed

It makes me who I am

Across that heart I keep exposed

The mark of Superman

If in the end our paths should meet

Then head o'er heels let's go

Should safeguards fail, there's no retreat

As I bring forth the snow

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hmmm.. i thought that right away.... and then got caught up in all these other guesses and then finally decided to look and yup there it was. I can see how this may be a riddle so easy it becomes hard because we over look the obvious.

sorry didn't see this was an older one till after i posted this so just wanted to go "whoops" reall quick lol

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Yeah, this has been answered. Usually when a riddle is answered, the person who posted it will put a solved poll at the top. This one has a solved poll, so its already finished, but you got the answer right, so I can tell you'll be a great addition. Welcome to the Den!

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