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TOAST is zero, so not TO from TOLLS, leaving 1 in LLS

HOLES and POLES both 1, retained when changed first letter, so one in OLES, but TOAST removes second O, so 1 in LES

so we have:

1 in **LLS

1 in **LES

if it was third spot L, okay. fifth spot S, okay. But they can't both be that fourth letter.

Meaning we know there's 1 in: **L*S

testing with POLAR.

POLAR is equivalent to a shift from POLES to POLER, because the A is in TOAST and is 0.

so if POLAR is 1, changing last S to R did nothing, and the third letter is L

if POLAR is 0, changing last S to R dropped the point, hence last letter is S

~~ POLAR got 1

so third letter is L


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