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The fourth letter is n. Loony retained 2. We have already established the second o, leaving _ o _ _ _ .Lamps = 0, so the first letter isn't L. Boots retained one, but only because of the second o, so the third letter is not an o. Fogly retained 1, but only because of the o, so the last letter is not y. This leaves us with

_ o _ n _

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The second-to-last letter must be N.

LOONY has two: one is the O.

LAMPS has 0, so not L.

BOOTS has 1, so just the first O, not the O in the third place.

FOGLY (word or not) has 1, so not Y.

Leaving just the N in LOONY.

Edit: Darn, spent too long reviewing what I was writing... :duh:

Edited by dawh
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The middle letter is u. Bound and Round both retained 3. Because of that, neither of their first letters are right, because their last four letters are identical. We already know o and n, leaving D and U. D is not the final letter because wired = 0. Hence, _oun_.

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Wires - 0

Vague - 0

Wired - 0

Magus - 0

Zizit - 0

Chart - 0

Start - 0

Camps - 0

Forts - 1

Forte - 1

Torts - 1

Follo - 1

Ports - 1

Posts - 1

Poses - 1

Loony - 2

Lamps - 0

Boots - 1

Fogly - 1

Bound - 3

Round - 3

Young - 5

And Izzy gets it!

Although some points should be taken off for using a not real word.

Edited by t8t8t8
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Pssh, you didn't have to score it. :P So that's 10 for U and N, and 10 for guessing the word. Unreality got 5, and no one got five for the other letter. You get 22+5 for bad logic. New scores:

Izzy - 140

Unreality - 137

Framm - 96

Plainglazed - 85

Dawh - 61

t8t8t8 - 52

Abhisk - 20

Prince Marth - 10

..I think the game should stop forever now. :P

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The second last letter must be O.

COLOR had 1, but CODES had 0, so not CO.

OILER had 0, so not L or R.

Leaving, the second O.

Edit: ARGH! :angry: Need headbash!

Edited by dawh
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