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On a Roll


You know they don't grow on trees

Yet do indeed come from these

Wooden they're not, tho naturally still

Stay around, for your sake they will

But watch out, take care, don't lose sight

Of the truth, 'tis a stretch,

Best not to take flight.

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Only because of the saying.

Hey there filly678 - Certainly see where that response came from. Think it makes some sense even beyond the saying. Just not what I have in mind (for the answer to the riddle, anyway). Thanks for kicking this one off.

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maybe the roots in the ground

edit: for last guess

hey harvey45 and PVRoot - very clever guesses you two. all fit on quite a few fronts. still think you'll accept my answer in the end.

ps - when I said that bit above in response to t_l's last response what I meant was her answer might not be too far off. well, now am sure I said too much.

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Yes indeed, PVRoot! And to Molly Mae, also. Well done.

The first three lines refer to the fact that they still for the most part come from trees (but are neither wooden as in stiff nor made of wood) as opposed to most other things rubber which are now usually synthetic. The fourth line and the title - typically when in use, right? And the last three lines are about that old threat of someone losing an eye when shooting rubberbands.

Was fun from this end. Be back soon.

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