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the cd was invented in the 60s, just pretty much useless at the time due to cost ;)

maybe velcro? or a specific type of string instrument, like a stradivarius (sp?)

not googling 1960 yet, as if you couldnt tell :D

Hmm, then Wiki fail due to incomplete information. :wacko:

Still neither of those ... and did I mention anything about a 'calendar' year? I believe I didn't. :ph34r: It could be ... nah, that's enough for tonight. ;)

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The Second City?

Not only better, but correct!

Second City

I'm from the old town, see.

Originated in Chicago's Old Town

I've hit the half-century mark.

"50 years of funny"

Got my name from a New Yorker,

Original troupe chose the self-mocking name from an article about Chicago in The New Yorker.

You might hear it in the dark.

Many shows in (dark) theaters.

I cruise along, play it by ear -

Troupes on cruise ships (Norwegian Cruise Line); Improv, as well as scripted shows

Many careers I have sparked.

Quite a few famous folks are

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Yeah, as soon as I saw DD's guess, was pretty sure he got it. One of those :duh: moments. Had a lot of fun with this one t_l. Nice one!. And nice solve DD.

Thanks, I kinda liked this one. :) A little 'homage' to a 2nd cousin who does work there in LA now, having moved to the Left Coast from the Midwest original. One of these days I'll even make it down to see her perform ... :lol:

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