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Similar to the

1. winmaster

2. pairarrest

3. seedwafer

4. normcrownfield

5. breifspeak

6. recordwriggle

7. toolscoffer

8. hangart

9. sticksdig

10. burninground

11. hinthind

12. signfit

The answer must be a true compound word.

The words might be broken in unconventional ways in order to come up with the clue.

For example dadpensicker or dad/pen/sicker could be a clue for pa/ink/iller painkiller.

There are no other puns or POW type clues, just synonyms of the indivudual parts.

Of course I am using definitions that don't necessarily agree with the meaning intended in the original compound word.

*bonus points for alternates

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fastdrawl? I know this probably isn't right cause of the "L" thought

Sorry, that's not it.


I see how you got that, but it does not quite fit.


It does fit. That answer never occurred to me :duh: . I will consider this unsolved but peace*out has earned the first bonus point. :thumbsup:

firing (fire ring)

Logical, but not what I was thinking.




Yes, exactly. ;)


Cha-Ching! You got it!
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Almost but not quite.


i'm sure i'm wrong though..... :unsure:

Good guess, but no.


Yes, that's what I was thinking. :thumbsup:

killingfloor? Is that 1 word?

Never heard of that. :huh:

Possibly lightweight?

I see where you are going but that is not the answer.
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1. winmaster

2. pairarrest - matchbook Wilson

3. seedwafer - nutcracker Glycereine

4. normcrownfield - parkinglot PG

5. breifspeak - shortstop JTZ

6. recordwriggle - tapeworm DD

7. toolscoffer

8. hangart

9. sticksdig

10. burninground - hotshot DD

11. hinthind

12. signfit

well i was going to try and answer some but :blink: a little stuck

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