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similar to the dudleydude's answer

- the boy is happy by himself

- a girl starts to like him

- he shuts her down cause he thinks he can do better

- he ends up sad and all alone cause she was the only one that liked him

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-there was this guy who was okay with his life

-he got famous so everyone liked him

-he was mildy satisfied with how life was turning out

-then he realized that fame wasn't everything and lived a cold, empty life

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Boy meets girl

Boy doesn't pay enough attention to girl

Boy loses girl

Rennaissance Generation of happy people, discovering the world and being happy

Industrial Revolution Generation of people, proud of progress but also aware of injustices and inequalities

Nuclear Age Generation living in a world where Chemistry is for Better Living, and people have blinders on to building problems

Current Generation of people realizing how badly things have been messed up in the world and have no idea how to fix it

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does "closest" mean that i almost got it, or that i am further than the others?

:) --i know what i am going to do this summer

B)):blush: --bask in the sun and show off my tan

-_- --sleep in everyday

:( --but i know that next year schools gonna be harder...


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