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Black Widow, Tarantula, and some gray poisonous spider

I think you're intending for them to all be a part of the answer. I'll give it to you, though.

Black WIdow

Group of three -- American Black Widow comes in three species (Northern, Southern, and Western)

With watch near, -- The hourglass shape

Gray then black -- Infant widows are gray.

Wise man's fear. -- Self-sustaining.

An easy mark -- Widows generally prey passively.

We slowly slay, -- Death is generally not quick.

Steadfastly bound

By toxic pain. -- Refers both to the way the widow holds envenomed prey as well as latrodectism, the most common symptom(s) of a widow bite, which can include joint pain, muscle cramps, paralysis, and death (among a great many other things).

Our name we share -- The name "Black Widow" is shared

With another three, -- with three more species (European Black Widow, Redback, and Katipo)

But a hundred-some more -- Most of the 120+ spiders in genus Steatoda

Attempt mimicry. -- are mistaken for black widows and have earned the name "False Black Widow."

When all of us three -- Take three spiders

Align on the floor -- put them together

Our limbs will total -- leg count =

Four more than a score. -- 24.

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