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1. get the Br's to equal

2. get the SO*4*'s to equal

3. get the Al's to equal

4. get the Br's to equal once more

5. the K's shall now be equal

does that help?

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Just so you know, you can put subscripts in posts. Ex:

O{sub}2{/sub} becomes O2 when you replace {} with []

I would have helped with the problem, but sf's already got you covered with the order of Bromine-Sulfate-Aluminum-Bromine. I'm confirming that's right, and pointing the sub code out to you for future reference.

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I'm almost done with my science homework, but i need help with some of the questions [they're multiple choice].

1) the element ____ is always found in nature combined with other elements.

[a] copper gold [c] magnesium [d] silver

2) the least magnetic of these metals is ____.

[a] cobalt iron [c] nickel [d] titanium

3) when neptunium atoms fall apart, they form ____.

[a] ytterbium promethium [c] americium [d] plutonium

4) an example of a radioactive element is ____.

[a] astatine bromine [c] chlorine [d] fluorine

5) the only group that is completely non-metallic is Group ____.

[a] 1 2 [c] 17 [d] 18

thank youu!

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