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In name reflecting secrets known,

A golden truth in life is shown

A life so dear, so soon begun

A life half lived before ‘twas done.

Three and three and three again,

Embraced in like millennium

Point afore to journey’s end

Whenas another didst begin.

Gracile, loved, bejeweled and bold,

Hacked and hewn, defiled old.

Rescued from the stony cold

And brought to light, my story told.

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And Chicory takes the amulet for the win!!!!

King Tut

His birth name meant image of the golden disc (sun-Ra), his taken name means living image of Amun (TutankAMUN), the unknowable truth revealed. He died exactly 3,333 years ago (333 years embraced in like (3) millenium) and also took the throne at the tender age of 9. He died too young at nineteen, thus beginning his second journey in the afterlife. He was thin and gracile and much loved by his people, and he initiated bold, grand projects for the glorification of the Dynasty. When his tomb was discovered, he was hacked to pieces by the members of the discovery team in order to remove and pocket the priceless jewels that adorned his mummified body.

Well done Chic.

mummy, maybe Tutankhamen?

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