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There is a 7 letter word in the english language that contains ten words, without rearranging any of its letters

umm... I don't know the answer :duh:

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1 tenfold = 2 denery, 3 decamerous, 4 decimal, 5 decuple, 6 tenth, 7 decuman, 8 tithe, 9 ten, 10 fold

best I can think of any way

WOW! YOu guys are amazingly smart! IDK the answer, but I will find out soon!

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1. Swallow

2. wall

3. allow

4. all

5. low

6. ow!

7. wallow


8. law

9. laws

10. olla



Think i may of heard this one before...





It's a stretch with a play on "-ten" words.

Wow, we need to get higher than 7 words.








Got 7. :P

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"therein", as previously suggested. I can find:

1. there

2. in

3. herein

4. here

5. her

6. he

7. rein

8. the

9. ere

10. re

That's ten!

There may be others...

Like, the first word to come to my mind is SEARCHERS:

1. search

2. searcher

3. sea

4. sear

5. ear

6. arch

7. archer

8. archers

9. her

10. hers

11. he

12. er

13. ers

That's more than ten...

Is there something more specific we need to know about the word?

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