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Whats special in the number 3816547290 (other than that it has all the 10 digits B)) )? Can you find any other like it?

i believe it has all the numbers listed in alphabetical order in some language (saw this on the site)

in english, that special number is : 854,769,130

unless i've screwed up my alphabet, that is.

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Enough time for something to remain open ;)!

Here is the

Its the only number whose first "x" digits are divisible by x! Thus,

3816547290 is divisible by 10

381654729 is divisible by 9

38165472 is divisible by 8

3816547 is divisible by 7

381654 is divisible by 6

38165 is divisible by 5

3816 is divisible by 4

381 is divisible by 3

38 is divisible by 2

3 is divisible by 1

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I would say the two most special numbers ever ever ever ever ever are:




though you can throw in 0, pi, and e for good measure. And 1, -1, i, and -i :D and 2

what is 1.6180339887 and -.6180339887? :wacko::blink:

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