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Natural Selections



These are basically accurate (with wiggle room) to the Midwestern USA English accent I grew up with. Hopefully they will mainly cross the gamut of spoken English, but I apologize if they don't.

Note that some may require more imaginative verbal wiggling than others. :dry:

This time, a couple of them have a minor additional hurdle/clue to find the appropriate word to sound. :ph34r:

1. Close media cheer slips

2. Flabbergast ward Kaufmann residence enemy support

3. Prattle modify sway

4. Soot steady waft hurt sound

5. Install proclaim recess

6. Tired looker burrow legitimate to do

7. Hasten one attempts walkway secures

8. Weighty mineral sun god pebbles

9. Abrade gravedigger shoal

10.Chink croak Greek mid-afternoon break

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Hey t_l - not been able to spend much time here a riddlin' as of late but did sneak a copy of yours during lunch.

amaze + zone + (Fallingwater) + foe + rest = Amazon Rainforrest?

grate + burrier + reef = Great Barrier Reef?

Got a few other ideas am still mulling over. Be back soon.

Right for both of those! ^_^

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Well ... aren't you just so cultured?

Am a little stymied but still workin' at it. May need to post partial thoughts for group think at some point soon. Good stuff.

No, it was just easier that way! :lol: A couple of them are pretty unknown, at least in the U.S. (I base this on the fact that I hadn't heard of them, but they looked neat!)

4, 6, 7, & 8 are the ones still unsolved.

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totally stuck.. nothing come to mind

Ash volcano

ash + wall + can + oh

can't fit 'can' though in the scheme of things

No, but you're on track with part of it! :)

Gallop- a- goes-aisle-lands = Galapagos Islands?

Yup! :lol:

meaty + ore + ra + rocks - Meteora Rocks?

That would be one of them I hadn't heard of, but you got it! ^_^

Now just 4 & 6 to go. Enjoy your weekend in the meantime! :lol:

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