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I inhabit no great hall, and covet no fine car,

I have no tongue to call my own; in hand I carry stars,

I flip for love and back my babes and settle where it’s wet.

A handsome host I cannot boast, perhaps you’ll name me yet.

(Answer must be specific)

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Just curious, Chic, was it the fancy hall, fine car (Wind in the Willows) clue that gave it away?

No, tho it should have now I think about it! That line made me think of inanimate objects and animals. I was so proud of Morgan Dollar, but couldn't really reconcile wet places, and wondered why babes instead of nags. And the sun flipping was a stretch-- :blush: So,

don't tell anybody, but I googled tongueless animals, hoping it wasn't just a metaphor.

:) And I was familiar with tree toads, which have front paws that could be called star-like.

Riddles that have facts I can research are a bit easier for me than the ones like pinky toes or coaster which rely on metaphor connections.

Love your riddles, Shakee, even when I can't guess them and your phrasing/language use. :thumbsup:

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