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Unexpected Returns



Most of you here are familiar with this drill

Solve these six then there's the final one still

Common when baking, if disturbed can pop

Bursting bubbles, with ash it could top

He goes on and on, in service to the Queen

A subject from afar, beholden to the scene

The picture started out graphic but shoot,

Sensitive too, when at the finish all root

You get what you deserve, to a degree

And for trust and respect, a must usually

With a bigwig Sicilian, disaster you flirt

So buy their protection, lest you get hurt

Something to put on and yet meant to reveal

Not to be obscure, else it you might steal

Now in order to solve this common expression

A question to answer, the answer a question

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hey DD - neither of those - dont get to say that often ;)

sorry, not that clinton. said sir in my last response to you. hope not too presumptuous. apologies if so. :huh:

no, notall

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PG I,m still getting the hang of you riddles so a minor hint please.. in the earlier riddle there was word that was eliminated and then the rest use to make the remaining sentence.. is that the case here as well??

Will say that's not the case this time. All of these quickie couplet types whose answers go to a final answer are a little different. They do have one thing in common though and that is the location of at least what is probably the major clue. Here are the links to my other similar ones from before: Hope this helps. I never mind answering any questions you might have.

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