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Good game everyone...

Well played golfjunkie and all of you... We were pretty unlucky from D1 when we got one of our team members lynched and since it was only three of us it started to get rough from there... I was surprised I survived until this day because I really thought it was gonna be a 3 straight day thing...

Anyway, my only chance was to claim Framm's role (who we spied on N1) and hopefully you'd buy it... I knew slick was the RID killer so I kept redirecting him... Last night I forgot I could redirect again so I got blocked, otherwise I could've gotten a kill...

Actually I thought music2 was the indy since he was trying to help me on this, so I thought he'd recruited me and wanted to keep me alive just in case he was killed, in order to win with me; but I was totally off :P

Well congratulations goodies, and I think I've learned my lesson to not talk too much when I'm a baddie or I'll just paint a target on my back :dry:

See you all around!

P.S. Congrats and thanks to GM for a cool game :thumbsup:

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Harvey - I had already recruited you and JarZe and had narrowed abhisk down to being Memphis... all I needed was probably one more night. I really needed for myself to get lynched, then you would have taken over as the Indie, and with your vote changing we would have won as Indies. I just couldn't manage to keep JarZe alive long enough. It made it hard on me with two baddie lynches right away before I was sure who anybody was with the exception of Framm. I really thought you were Memphis Harvey, well played.

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Just a quick mafia queston: if people are recruted by indies, do they know it or not??? :unsure:

But GREAT GAME - it was fun to watch!!! :thumbsup:

Usually the choice is kept secret until the Indy dies or something else triggers that they become the recruit

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