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Bottoms Up -- Spring is in the Air


Comes often between as's almost now

Willingly, readily, in the future somehow

Up up in the sky, over seas it soars

All in good time, they say, take yours

Stand on the street, you might come by me

Then maybe a kid, tickled pink they could be

With such a great deal, the odds are remote

Yet this could help you, to stay afloat

You've made your bed now, so on it you must lay

Too, ironic this vow, to love honor and obey

Solve each of the five, two line riddles above

Then follow the clues, for some additional love

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Don't know if this will be of any help but cant seem to come up with another approach to this one.


An unfortunate condition, is cause for dismay

Too, ironic this vow, to love honor and obey

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knocked up?


neither of those, chicory.




all of those work for the second line of this one but another should work for the first line, too.





au contraire to these two you two.

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