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some experimental baking?

My latest turned out fabulously. Devil's food cake with raspberries, choc chips, & hazelnut liqueur.

Suppose I'll have to see if everyone's still guessing in a week. (Yea vacation!!) :lol:

hey t_l - my aplologies for missing this one. sounds delicious. still not it. hope you're having a blast.

a mechanical rabbit at a greyhound racetrack?

hey chicory - not that

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is it roulette?

yes, indeedy DD, that is it.

Around and round you go

Against the grain you race - roulette wheel (usually wooden) spins in one direction and the ball (the "you" throughout) is thrown in the opposite direction

Before you fall off track

All are in their place - just before the ball falls off the upper track and into the area of the slots all bets must be placed

Yet uncertainty presides - strictly a game of chance

Careering to and fro - with the ball bouncing around the slots

Alternately albeit en route - colors and numbers alternate black/red and odd/even on the wheel and PoW - alternate letters of "albeit" are, in this case, l e t; then en route gives - rou let te

Still in the end you show - when the ball is finally still, the winning number is shown

Thanks to all who played along.

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