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more made up riddles

I tower over the man-made plain;

My peaks scrape the heavens.

I have many brothers; in fact,

We may be as many as a hundred and seven.

We're as ancient as the oldest trees,

But not older than the hills.

We've been studied for centuries now,

But with mystery we're still filled.

number 2

I have streets but no pavement,

I have cities but no buildings,

I have forests but no trees,

I have rivers yet no water.

What am I?

riddle 3

I am small as an ant and big as a whale,

I can soar through the air like a bird with a tail.

I can be seen by day and not by night,

I can be seen with a big flash of light.

I follow whoever controls me by the sun,

but I fade away when dark fell like a ton.

What am I?

riddle 4

He who builds me doesn't want me,

he who buys me doesn't use me,

he that uses me doesn't know he's got me.

What am I?

lastly, 5

You may enter, but you may not come in,

I have space, but no room,

I have keys, but open no lock.

What am I?

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