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My first ever thread! Anyways, this happened to someone I know. We bug him about it every time we meet him :P

So he's a Chinese guy who wanted to learn English, since he lived in Canada and figured it would probably come in handy. He tried to take english classes, but failed miserably. Finally, he got a personal tutor, and after a year, we asked him what he learnt.

He said, "I learnt how to say "hello". Oh, but that's not it. I also learnt how to say "How are you". Oh, but that's not it. I also learnt how to say "I don't speak english".

We nodded, thinking that that was pretty normal. But then he said, "Oh, but that's not it. I also learnt "You're stupid".

"How did you learn that?"

"My teacher says it to me all the time." :duh:

The next day, the guy attempted to cross the Canada-US border to enter US:

So when he saw the officer at the border, he said, "Hello. How are you?"

The officer replied, "I'm good," and then said a lot of things in english, thinking that the guy spoke the language.

The guy cut in and said, "You're stupid. I don't speak english."

Needless to say that he didn't get into US :blink:

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