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Two cultures of aliens live on the planet Trekia, the carpals and the tarsals.

The carpals always lie. The tarsals always tell the truth.

A traveler arrives on trekia and meets a party of three aliens. she asks the aliens to which culture they belong.

The first murmurs something that is too soft to hear.

The second replies, "it said it was a carpal."

The third says to the second, "you are a liar."

From this information figure out which culture the third alien belongs to.

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the second is calling the first a liar, and the third is calling the second a liar.

* if the second is a liar, then the third is a tarsal

* if the second is a tarsal, then the third is a liar

so we have to figure out what the second alien is.

Since nothing bound by all-truth or all-lie rules can say "I am a liar", the first alien could not have said that itself was a carpal, meaning the second alien is a liar. Meaning the third alien is a tarsal. Good riddle! ;D

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