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Before everything, let's recall our participant's current scores:









So here is the second part. Good luck!


011. It begins with the ending and ends with the beginning. (10pts)

012. Made by its maker, but he didn't use it. Bought by its buyer, but he didn't use it. Used by its user, but he didn't see it. What is it? (5pts)

013. How many numbers can you see in this sentence? (5pts)

014. Bought it black, used it red, thrown it white. What is this? (5pts)

015. Why do postmen carry letters? (5pts)


Points are accumulated as you answer. Ranks depend on your accumulated points.

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30 answers to this question

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Some clarifications to Riddle PIII


016. What can't you eat for breakfast?

017. What comes
that never goes in?

018. What speaks but never talks,
stays and never walks

019. You are given a hammer and a plate,
and to stand with honor
. What are you?

020. What is the perfect time to get into the dentist?

021. A guys leaves home, makes three left turns, and upon arriving home he meets two men in masks. Who are they?

022. Which is correct: 'The sun is circle' or 'The sun was circle'?

023. Where in the universe can see you equal numbers of valleys and mountains?

024. What causes to break that causes to keep and stay together?

025. Complete
changing the answer of the question below.

Q: There is only one cake left and yet there are five hungry children. How are you going to divide the cake so that all of them will be satisfied?

A: I am going to divide the cake by ________.


For bonanova and brhan, you may refrain your answers in consideration with the clarifications.

For the points, it will be now based on the number of participants to a particular riddle over the number of correct answers.

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016:nothing-if you don't eat anything, you're not actually breaking your fast (break-fast); or lunch/dinner

017: the truth

018: the past

019: a duelist (pistols)

020: when the dentist is there and you need something done to your teeth; or, alternately, after you've eaten some garlic


022:neither: the sun is circled, the sun was circled, the sun is spherical, etc.

023:Jupiter: there are 0 mountains and 0 valleys

024: a meeting-if tensions rise, call a break to calm down and keep together

025: five

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16. Lunch/dinner/nothing

17. things you say




21.cather+umpire (in baseball)




25. a knife

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