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Same Old, Same Old



Inquire, it's likely that this you will hear

She's not the one, so the other, my dear.

Whenever opportunity presents you might say

Take it from me, it's not better this way.

Announced like a pastimes appropriate host

It's the smallest that often bugs you the most.

Purposely left hanging, though still not a waste

Those fresh too remark, all in good taste.

On the surface there's not much for which to see

When landing the big roll in this great tragedy.

From each of the five you must now find one

Still something's to do, before you are done.

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There are five mini-riddles (one per couplet) each with a one word answer and then the five answers are further involved in a puzzle to find the final answer. Each couplet might contain any numerous kinds of plays on words like homophones, puns, double entendres, etc. (reading them very literally can be helpful). Ultimately though, I would call them what am I's. Here are a couple of links to similar ones from before:

PS - your second guess for the third couplet is on track...

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hi....sry i couldn't continue.....mum didn't let me.....:(

ah well...:D


no need to apologize, was just joshin' earlier. my turn now. sorry, that's not it.

EDIT: and sorry for my slow response. been driving. holiday traffic's the worst.

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1.Witch or switch?

2.Chance or trite?

3.Bee or fly?

4.Herbs or spices?

5.Sub or titanic?

You got me well whipped this time.

Haven't got a scooby! :mellow:

in fact, I'd say you deserve a snack. You nailed the fourth one with HERBS (will elaborate on my shaggy issues with your first guess on this one when solved). Right on track for the third just need to justify the first half for which you are at a disadvantage, I think. Also some good stuff on the fifth. The first two I think are the hardest and require a different tactic than normal.

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