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-- ATMOS --

Imagine a giant gaseous planet twice the volume of Earth but of such light density it could float in the Pacific. This is Atmos, a planet smack dab in the middle of some galaxy - perhaps the Milky Way, perhaps not, perhaps not even in the universe we know - but for the inhabitants of this gaseous giant, there is no universe except for Atmos itself. For them, Sky is Life. Sky is what they breathe, what they fly in, what they float in, what they worship. When Sky runs out and what we call Space begins, the universe ends for Atmosians. The Sky Goddess is even more sacred than the Earth God, but both of them together in an eternal copulation is what produces the brilliant light of the sun, penetrating the swirling, turbulent atmopshere of Atmos.

In general the planet is densest and windiest near the Core and as you go outward along the radius it becomes increasingly calm. There are six generally classified stages of the atmosphere:

* The Core: nobody knows what's inside, nobody has come out alive. Small sphere at the absolute center of Atmos

* The Aeternal Storm - this is the very dangerous sphere that cloaks the Core in a near-black layer of vicious tempests and endless raging cyclones. The top of the Aeternal Storm is marked by a rolling, hissing sea of murky grey cumulonimbus tops, occasionally jettisoning plasmatic jets of vapor

* Lower Aire - this large region is the dense layer directly above the upper horizon of the Aeternal Storm and tends to be filled with thick red-orange dust that casts everything in a hazy dusty light. Sunlight is just barely filtered through the rusty sky. Due to its denser gases compared to the higher Aires, the porous rock that forms Sky Islands tends to settle in the Lower Aire… nearly all sky islands have their bottom tip (or entire body) within the Lower Aire. In the Lower Aire, water is as it is on Earth

* Middle Aire - the largest layer of all. Very variable. In some denser places water acts as it does in the Lower Aire, but in some places water floats and forms globules… a massive superglobule is known as the Ocean. Most life forms developed in the Middle Aire in nebulaic cauldrons of gas and aqua as well as primordial bubbles of magma that eventually became the rocky sky islands

* Upper Aire - the Middle Aire and Upper Aire have a gradual tranisition, but the Upper Aire is generally regarded as being within a beautiful massive azure blue sky and shined upon by terrifically bright sunlight. The highest clouds exist near the upper layer of Middle Aire and in fact the scientific boundary between the two Aires is where clouds clump too much are no longer able to ascend

* The Aetrium - Above the Upper Aire is a mysterious region known as the Aetrium. It's where Sky starts becoming sparse and the air gets harder and harder to breathe. The Aetrium is associated with psychedelic journeys as one runs out of Sky to breathe, mystical experiences and dazzling calm viewpoints of the world below. The Aetrium is characterized by its purplish dark sky speckled with stars ("sky-gems") and far-off galaxies and nebulas and aurora lights dancing at the top of the world. In general Atmos is stormiest at the Core and gets calmer and calmer the farther you go out, so the Aetrium is hauntingly calm and tranquil and quiet

Let's talk about intelligent lifeforms on Atmos. There are three fundamental main races….

** the Tanna (rhymes with Hannah) - these are essentially what we know as humans, and are known also by the term "human" but that's derogatory, used by the other races. However, there are some key biological differences from what we know as humans… for one, the Tanna have very versatile toes and are known to grip things with their feet. They also breathe Sky and need Water to live but not as often as an Earthling. Tanna are light-boned and can jump very high and tend to be lithe and athletic. The Tanna live on top of the sky islands in towering, high-altitude cities that rear to incredible heights, going all the way from the fortress bases in the Lower Aire through complex tower, bridge and platform systems in the Middle Aire up through golden spires and towertops in the Upper Aire

** the Gromules - this is a race related to the Tanna but split off the evolutionary tree a long way back. The Gromules are an underground race of dark-grey-knobbly-skinned big-bobule-nosed hunch-backed lantern-carrying troll-like beings with voracious appetites and mysterious mining rituals. They are said to sing the sky-ore out of the sky islands' innards. The Gromules have a fascination with technology and are eons ahead of the Tanna when it comes to electrical, mechanical and alchemical devices. They dig out intricate ant-like burrows deep into the rock and have an ant-like society ruled by a Queen with various castes for workers, soldiers, miners, gatherers, etc.

** the Sarzava - these are best described as giant intelligent bugs. They have very shiny smooth metallic skin forming powerful, but light, exoskeletons that enable flight. They are bipedal, roughly human in shape but with four arms not two, making them officially insects. Their heads are snakelike and their hands and feet are clawed. They have small antenna protruding from the head and are equipped with a powerful set of wide-wingspan flashy iridescent dragonfly wings that buzz at incredible rates. The Sarzava live much of their lives in the sky and have a mysterious democratic swarm-based society with no centralized leadership. Any single Sarzavi would put its life on the line for its Hive, but some Sarvani are loners and exiles and live a semi-feared, semi-revered life among the Tanna

The conflict opening this story is that of a guerrilla warfare campaign being waged by the Monarchy (that's one of the largest Tanna kingdoms that has control over most of the major trade sky islands with a few notable exceptions) against a multi-race terrorist society known as the Vortex. The Vortex is said to object fundamentally to the principles of the Monarchy - which are utmost servitude to the Sky Goddess and Her Sky God. Every ten years, in a ritual known as the Crowning, these two deities are said to choose the next Monarch (whether it be male or female, there is no sexism) to rule for the decade. The Vortex oppose this ritual due to its randomness (something about the Sun shining on someone) and also other philosophies and practices of the Monarchy.

It is rumored that the Vortex has been receiving supplies & funds from the United Sky Empire, a coalition of small but wealthy Tanna-run city-state sky islands floating in defense clusters near the ecuatorial region of Middle Aire.

The Monarch has elected to put together a special team of operatives to sneak into the USE under the guise of tourism and infiltrate the supply chain, hoping not only to unmask the USE's deal with the terrorists (because that might shift many of the high-morals Grombule burrows' trade from the USE to the Monarchy, which feels itself slipping out of the massive might it once had) but also hoping to follow the supply chain all the way down the Vortex terrorists and infiltrate them as well.

A lot of wealth and prosperity and nobility awaits those who answer the Monarch's call… but in the same vein, a lot of danger and risk lurk just out of sight… this is the only the beginning…

[1] Choose a race from: Tanna, Gromule, Sarzava

[2] If you are Tanna, choose a Lifestyle; if you are Gromule, choose a Caste; if you are Sarzava, you are special (PM me about how to fit in your backstory)

[3] Choose three Skills

Tanna Lifestyles:

* Warrior

* Thief

* Aquamancer

* Sky Merchant

* Druid

* Sky Pirate

* Monk of the Order of Na'tuun

Gromule Castes:

* Emissary

* Miner

* Engineer

* Tunnel Knight

* Alchemist


[pick three - Monks and Engineers pick four]

* Trapsetting/Disarming

* Locksmithy/Lockpicking

* Inner Eye (Monk only)

* Conversational Hypnosis (aka very persuasive)

* High Tolerance of Pain

* Disguise Aptitude / Seeing through Disguises

* Lying Aptitude / Seeing through Bluffs

* Magician's Hands / Escape Artistry

* Dual Weapon Wield

* Array Archery

* Basic Medical Training (Healer gets for free)

* Advanced Medical Training (Healer only)

* Basic Martial Arts Training (Monk gets for free)

* Freefall (Monk only)

* Stealthy Strike

* Climbing, Vaulting and Acrobatic Skillset

* Duelist

* Basic Alchemy (Alchemist gets for free)

* Very Basic Aquamancy (Aquamancers get for free)

Free Skills don't take away from the 3 or 4 you get to pick. If you want to know more about a skill, PM me

* Warrior - this is as it sounds. Warriors are experienced with all kinds of weaponry and fighting styles

* Thief - this is also as it sounds. Thieves use trickery, sneakery, lies, setups, deals, connivings, breakins, traps, and tools to get what they want. Morals are always loose and sky-ore is always flowing through their fingers like wet lava

* Aquamancer - in Atmos, Water is extremely important. Not to mention it sometimes floats depending on the density, but it has amazing properties that only the greatest physicists - such as the Aquamancers - know how to manipulate. Your path as an Aquamancer can begin out of your natural innate abilities (rare) or your long studies at the Academy of Aquamancy (more likely) or both

* Sky Merchant - the sky merchants are a powerful class of traders, exporters and shippers that often own skyships (or whole fleets). They have a complex tradition-based sky route trafficking system and guard their routes carefully

* Druid - a natural wizard that uses the power of Atmos in all its universal balances to call forth anything from the wrath of Nature (to call destruction on foes) to the bountiful protection of its bosom (to draw forth powers of healing)

* Sky Pirate - exactly what it sounds: a no-good rabble-rousing island-pilf'rin golden-toothed hook-handed yarrr-voiced swashbucklin' buccaneer slicing through trade routes and dealing on the blacker of markets

* Monk of the Order of Na'tuun - a very seclusive, peaceful but inwardly powerful organization that strives for the goal of collective enlightenment. They are neutral on almost all matters

* Emissary - the Gromules are wildly misunderstood, unfortunately. Emissaries are direct noble carriers of the Queen's word. Emissaries often accompany bands of Tanna, helping to ease the culture gap between societies

* Miner - this caste is more than it seems. Miners are a collective union, a vast psychospiritual shared mentality. Way back in the early days of Gromule excavation, digging out the sky islands was a dangerous thing. You never know when you'd dig yourself out of the bottom of the earth or whether you'd run into a nasty network of wyrm burrows or even worse, incur a cave-in of epic proportions. Over time, Miners developed long-term through-rock and through-air methods of communication that developed over thousands of years into almost seamless unconscious continual chatter on all levels between Miners within or on the same Sky Island. Often Miners are called "Minders" by the Tanna because, in addition to burrow excavation for the Queen, they create a rapid network of mental messaging and information dissemination

* Engineer - Gromules are fastenated with mechanics and electrics and hell, even optics and acoustics. Gromule Engineers are the best of the best and always have either a blueprint ready - or a MacGyver-ian solution for some problem

* Tunnel Knight - these esteemed Gromules have been tasked to guard the intricate tunnel systems of their society, defending key focal points. Some Tunnel Knights scout in the worlds above to keep up on modern information flow and get any wind of Tanna activities. Tunnel Knights are known for their vicious loyalty

* Alchemist - Alchemists understand the basic nature of the chemistry of Atmos, the universe and life itself. The things they can make using basic elements are astounding. Many alchemists also have potions that let them blend in with other races, appearing as Tanna or even Sarzava

Most classes (Lifestyles/Castes) have guilds associated with them. Guilds often have the same pattern, such as the Royal Adventurers' Guild: (which accepts everyone loyal to the Monarch)

Neophyte -> Page (one-on-one service to a Monarchist Adventurer) -> Journeyman/woman -> Monarchist Adventurer

Similarly, the Order of Na'tuun (monks only, and is based in an ancient monestary on Na'tuun, the oldest of all sky islands) has a path diagram like this:

Trainee -> Apprentice (to a Master) -> Wanderer -> Master

The ascension rules, of course, are different. For the RAG, you have to complete a certain number of missions and badges to return from your Journey and become knighted as a Monarchist Adventurer. For the Order of Na'tuun, you just *know* when you have reached the state of enlightenment necessary to return to Na'tuun to be a Master.

Another famous guild is the Academy of Aquamancy, which is based in Mara'ak, a strange cluster of human existence built atop a particular thick section of water tension above the Ocean.

The Sky Merchants, of course, belong to the Merchants' Guild, which is in constant disagreement with the Craftsmen Guild (that of the common laborer as well as the occasional Gromule Engineer or Alchemist).

Druids and Sky Pirates prescribe to no formal organizations.

Most Sarzavi are loyal to their Hive but sometimes join Tanna organizations as special mercenary escorts and things like that.

Many Gromules form "banners" which are just groups of Gromules from similar sky islands (or similar vectors - a vector being a large area of sky that may contain several sky.i's) that support each other in a sometimes racist world

When you PM your character to me, include your race, lifestyle/caste, skills and unique backstory… and why your character has accepted the Monarch's call to arms. Unless you are an Aquamancer or Monk, I probably wouldn't join any organizations/guilds yet. Anyway, I will give you the go ahead to post it publically.


Host: Unreality

1) pablos4pandas

2) Framm

3) Gmaster479

4) Medji

5) sayalzah

6) Music

I don't know if you guys have played a "roleplay" before - this is not like that. This is more like Dungeons and Dragons. As the Host/DM, I control everything except you. I am the world, the universe… all you control is what your character says, thinks and does, how they act and react to the world… I control shopkeepers, enemies, the weather, gods, bacterial reproduction, and everything else.

I know that such a playstyle is better suited for face-to-face communication but I think it's worth a shot here. Oh, here's the combat system:

Every attack has three statistics:

APS - attacks per second - the number of strikes you attempt per second

AR - attack ranking (%) - the percentage chance of each strike hitting

DPH - damage per hit - the amount of damage dealt per successful strike

if you attack over a period of, say, 1 second, you do APS attacks, each one getting an AR/100 chance of success. Each successful attack deals DPH damage to the target, whatever that target may be.

Damage is often about getting past armor

Armor has a single stat:

D - defense - the maximum cap of damage that the armor can stop

for example, Alpha is attacking Delta.

Alpha has an attack: APS 5, AR 50%, DPH 7

Delta has armor: D 6

Alpha attacks over a second and attempts 5 hits but only makes 3, doing a total of 21 damage. The armor absorbs 6 and so Delta takes 15 in direct damage.

These are all based on stats of equipment… but if Delta is skilled, Delta can roll off some of the damage with evasion. Evasion is a fraction you want to get as LOW as possible because it's how much of the damage you actually take.

So if Delta has 1/3 evasion (pretty low, which is good for Delta), Delta only takes 5 damage to his personal body.

Depending on where Alpha aimed (we're assuming TORSO), that's almost enough to kill Delta.

HEAD - 3 hit points

TORSO - 6 hit points

ARMS and LEGS - 10 hit points each

With 1 hp left on the TORSO, Delta is seriously wounded. He will probably die from blood loss unless he gets some help. Most of this is subjective.

If HEAD or TORSO get to 0 hit points, you DIE! If ARMS or LEGS get to 0 hit points, you LOSE THE LIMB! Watch out.

Helmets protect the HEAD and usually have very high D.

Armor protects the TORSO and is pretty decent.

There isn't much to protect the ARMS and LEGS, but evasion tends to get a boost for those because you have quicker control over where they are.

~ Equipment costs money. In general Gromule equipment, potions, items, etc are of the highest quality and best make. Tanna stuff tends to be commercialized crap. Sarzava and monks tend to use their natural weaponry…

~ Some skills affect combat, allowing you to do things… Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger or new things altogether. For example, Sneak Attack lets you come up from behind and do a once-off attack that disregards evasion (provided the enemy doesn't know you're coming)

Anyway, the lesson to be learned is that COMBAT IS REALLY DANGEROUS. You can die and/or lose limbs easily if you just start whacking around with a sword. Not everything you'll meet is perfectly matched for your level… you should seek alternative ways around a situation

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framm 18 asked about some skills....

Array Archery - fire multiple arrows at most. Later we will be able to gain new skills and each time you add this skill, you get a new arrow per strike. Normally everyone fires 1 arrow at a time, so with the first attainment of this skill you can fire 2 at once and thus double your APS

Climbing, Vaulting and Acrobatic Skillset - unusual for a Gromule to get, but this would make up for the slightly lesser physical prowess of the Gromules as compared to the other races, and also give you basically the ability to climb and jump around on anything. Anyone can jump a 3 ft gap but with this skill you could become a gymnast god and could climb on the mast of an airship in a whirlpool during a lightning storm

Stealthy Strike - sneak up from behind and perform a powerful - and often deadly - blow that ignores the enemy's evasion abilities (but armor and stuff is still taken into account). To pull this off, circumstances must permit that the enemy is totally unaware of your existence. If they live through the sneak attack they will be very much aware of your existence after that (and any friends they may have, not to mention). This is useful for Thieves and other sneaky types

Trapsetting/Disarming - a very useful skill for Thieves, Engineers and just about anyone (although Engineers usually "set" and Thieves usually "disarm", it can be quite the other way around)

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does pain tolerance mean more health/damage resistance or i wouldn't be affected by damage until death?

High Pain Tolerance means you get an extra hit point on one of the following of your choosing: HEAD, TORSO, or ALL LIMBS

if gotten multiple times (there will be opportunities later to add new skills to your repertoire, and you could always double up immediately too, but I wouldn't recommend that) you can select a different option each time or the same option and just add another 1hp

In more general, subjective sense, it just means your character has exactly that: a high resistance to physical pain, torture, extreme environs, etc.

Unreality, it appears that you're missing information about the Sarzava.


[1] Choose a race from: Tanna, Gromule, Sarzava

[2] If you are Tanna, choose a Lifestyle; if you are Gromule, choose a Caste; if you are Sarzava, you are special (PM me about how to fit in your backstory)

[3] Choose three Skills

Sarzava are like a class in of themselves. They can fly and are very proficient with their natural weaponry, but are rare. We shouldn't have more than 1 or maybe 2 i'd say. Definitely no more than 2

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Gromule Engineer

Array Archery

Climbing, Vaulting and Acrobatic Skillset-

High Tolerance of Pain


I was 3 when my parents mysteriously disappeared. I was raised in an orphanage till my 12th birthday in which I was given the only thing that was left of my parents, a notebook containing their findings while doing research near the Aeternal Storm. In it, it contained this passage:

Day 17: We have the feeling that we are being followed by something, however, we are unable to find out what it is. Every time we try to figure out what it is there is a bright flash that keeps us from getting close enough to find out.

Day 28: We have gotten closer to success in finding a way to use the massive energy coming from the storm to build better weapons and tools. We have lost three workers in the last week to the same thing that we have been seeing since the day we got here. Every time there is a bright flash someone else seems to disappear. We have received a strange message that we are still trying to figure out.Day 32: We have figured out what the message has said and it is not a good thing. It says that if we do not leave the Storm then we will be met with a terrible fate. Even with that unfortunate message we will still continue with our research. HAHAHA I TOLD THEM THEY WOULD BE SORRY IF THEY STAYED HERE….

That is where it ended. After reading through that Journal, I determined to become an engineer and find out who or what had caused my parent’s disappearance.

After I had completed my time in the school of Engineering, I found an interesting thing about the bright flash my parents mentioned. Apparently, the USE had been testing out a new weapon designed to blind the enemy long enough to capture or kill their opponent. I joined the Monarch, because I have reason to believe that the USE is responsible for my parent’s disappearance.

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great character, as I said in the PM :thumbsup:

btw, this is some sarzava info I told medji in a PM (he's considering that race)

there's no secret... basically Sarzava live in the air most of their lives and form giant aerial Hives that they belong to. The Hives have no central leadership - every Sarzavi plays a role in the swarm-based colony government. Similar to bees because the bee queen just lays eggs, there's no central leadership in a bee hive. It's decentralized. So Sarzavi identify themselves with Hives which are named in strange Sarzava languages that are as much odor-based as sound-based. Sarzava have very good vision, hearing and sense of smell.

The ones that live a more loner non-Hive life among the Tanna tend to a bit mysterious and secluded. It's said that they slowly go crazy in the absence of a Hive, but that could be just a rumor

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Gromule miner


High Tolerance of Pain

Basic Medical Training (Healer gets for free)

when i was 14 i got separated from my family. I had no idea what to do so i decided to do my favorite thing, dig! Over the years, my mine has become deep and intricate. There are traps everywhere and dead ends at every turn. My body has become strong and i intend to use it to protect myself!

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I am a Gromule Emissary from the Nagra Archipegalo/Banner.

Abilities:Conversational Hypnosis, Basic Martial Arts Training, High Tolerance of Pain

The Nagra Banner/Archipegalo is a small cluster of 4 Sky islands at the middle elevation of Lower Aire. There is one colony settled on it. Its queen is situated on the largest island, Dugoth. The other islands are about one-third to half the size of this island. The colony on the Nagra were originally a breakaway state from a larger colony, so that's why Sayalzah (from the 3rd largest island) became an Emissary. I originally had big aspirations, as I wanted to make sure of the Nagra's prosperity by making peace with its mother colony (which was hostile for each of the 200 years of Nagra's existence). I was assigned to being aide to the ambassador to the Monarchy after completing my training. But I never forgot my goals in life. I was very good friends with a young Tannan/Tanni/Tann intelligence agent. When the agent told me about the upcoming expedition to the USE, I jumped at the chance to prove myself. I "convinced" the leader of the expedition to include him on the trip. Since my acceptance, I have been training in diplomatic and rudimentary martial arts skills, knowing that my physical abilities were very important on this dangerous mission.

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another snippet about sarzava:

Sarzava use their natural weaponry and natural armor... they have serrated arms and thick exoskeletons. They like to fly around and move around quickly. They prefer hit-and-run as opposed to melee combat. Their mind works in different ways from the Tanna and the Gromules and though they are fierce, they often cannot understand simple or technological concepts of civilization. So something like the trap/lock/persuasion/lying/alchemy/aquamancy skills wouldn't be good choices for a sarzava, but the other ones are good

pablos: to flesh it out a little more, how old is your Miner now and why is he or she joining the Monarch's call to arms?

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Description: Zara Khan, Tanna Sky Pirate. Age 22

Tall with long red hair. Wears a black bandana on her head and large hoop earrings. Carries a sword and pistol. Is usually dressed in a white shirt and brown cloth skirt. She is the first female Captain of her ship and is very hotheaded, stubborn and will accept nothing less than perfection aboard her ship. She angers easily, especially at the idea of mutiny...


1. Dual Weapon Wield

2. High Pain Tolerance

3. Climbing, Vaulting and Acrobatic Skill Set

Backstory: Her Parents died when she was still a very young girl, leaving her a small fortune. When she went to pick it up, a band of pirates robbed her blind. She swore from that day on that she would find the man who had done this to her and make him pay. She joined a band of pirates not unlike the one that had stolen from her. She spent the next 14 years of her life plundering the world, restoring the treasure she lost. She answered the Monarch's call in hopes that it would bring her closer to getting her revenge. While she is away, her first mate waits as temporary Captain, she trusts him as much as any pirate can. He knows to keep the ship in the bast shape possible, or he will face the wrath of her anger.

EDIT: Huh, am I the only Tanna? I hope someone decides to join me :unsure:

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Framm 18 - [no name yet] - Gromule Engineer

Pablos - [no name yet] - Gromule Miner

Sayalzah - [no name yet] - Gromule Emissary

Music - [Zara Khan] - Tannan Sky Pirate

Gmaster - ???

Medji - will have it more fleshed out by monday but right now they're looking at an Aquamancer I believe

We sure have a lot of nameless Gromules :wacko: lol. For balance purposes I would advise Gmaster and/or Medji to choose their race as Tanna or Sarzava

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Tanna Thief

Dual Weapon Wield


Magician's Hands / Escape Artistry

Hung out with some bad kids when I was little man. And when I got thrown in jail for knifing those cops man, I knew they weren't going to hold me man. I got the heck out man and now

I'm gonna get revenge on them all man. I ain't getting killed, I'm doing the killing

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Player Summary:


Framm 18 - [Mmarf Artos] - Gromule Engineer (Ar Ar, Acro, Pain Tol, Traps)

Gmaster - [no name yet] - Tannan Thief (Dual Wep, Locks, Escape)

Pablos - [Aecilius Iucundus] - Gromule Miner (Traps, Pain Tol, B Medic)

Sayalzah - [sarcas Genimm] - Gromule Emissary (Hypno, B Martial, Pain Tol)

Music - [Zara Khan] - Tannan Sky Pirate (Dual Wep, Pain Tol, Acro)

Medji - no char yet

so far we have no Druids (healers) or Aquamancers (magicians), though I think Medji was considering those. We also have no Warriors, Monks, Tunnel Knights (fighter classes) or Alchemists (potion-maker/healers) nor Sarzavi (damage dealers/absorbers). That's not a bad thing (and we do have a Sky Pirate, which is a strong combat class), it just means your party is more suited to stealth, subterfuge and persuasion - more sneakier methods than all-out warfare.

That said, it's time to straighten out a few things:

(1) almost everyone (in fact everyone except Gmaster's Tannan Thief) got the High Pain Tolerance (Pain Tol) skills, so each person needs to decide on what body part to add the +1 hp (HEAD, TORSO or LIMBS?)

(2) it's also time to determine the basic combat statistics.

Each class has a Combat Training (CT) level, either 1, 2, or 3, that determines what kinds of weapons and attacks are usable. 1 is basic, 2 is intermediate, 3 is advanced warrior. Each player will also start with 25 crowns (the unit of currency in the Monarchy) with which to buy equipment, as a grant from the Monarchists' Special Operations Division (the SOD).


Tanna Lifestyles:

* Warrior - 3

* Thief - 2

* Aquamancer - 1

* Sky Merchant - 1

* Druid - 1

* Sky Pirate- 3

* Monk of the Order of Na'tuun- 2

Gromule Castes:

* Emissary - 2

* Miner - 2

* Engineer - 2

* Tunnel Knight - 3

* Alchemist - 1

Most Sarzavi - 1 or 2; some Sarzavi among Tanna/Gromule society - 3

Sarcas Gennim, with the Basic Martial Arts skill, gets +1 to his CT, so Sarcas actually has a CT of 3 instead of 2

Here is the Royal Armory and equipment they've got, remember you've each got 25 crowns. Weapons/armor have CT ratings (1.2.3). You can only use something equal or lower to your own CT ranking. Here we go:

WEAPON NAME (CT RANKING) AttacksPerSecond (AR%) +DamagePerHit ~ PRICE


Knife (CT 1) 3 (45%) +1 ~ 4 crowns

Dagger (CT 1) 2 (75%) +2 ~ 5 crowns

Short Sword (CT 2) 1 (85%) +4 ~ 10 crowns

Broad Sword (CT 2) 1 (80%) +5 ~ 13 crowns

Long Sword (CT 3) 1 (90%) +5 ~ 17 crowns

Great Sword (CT 3) 1 (95%) +6 ~ 22 crowns


Hand Axe (CT 1) 2 (60%) +2 ~ 6 crowns

Throwing Axe (CT 2) 5 (30% for range 10 yards) +7 ~ 12 crowns, buy 2 get a holster free

Martial Axe (CT 2) 2 (70%) +5 ~ 15 crowns

Battleaxe (CT 3) 2 (65%) +10 ~ 21 crowns


Quarterstaff (CT 1) 2 (70%) +1 ~ 3 crowns

Club (CT 1) 3 (50%) +2 ~ 6 crowns

Mace (CT 2) 3 (60%) +4 ~ 14 crowns

Warhammer (CT 3) 4 (65%) +5 ~ 19 crowns


Slingshot (CT 1) 1/3 (50% for range 10 yards) +1 ~ 2 crowns

Slingshot Ammo = 10 stones for 1 crown

Composite Bow (CT 2) 1/4 (50% for range 50 yards) +5 ~ 14 crowns

Longbow (CT 3) 1/5 (60% for range 200 yards) +10 ~ 18 crowns

Arrows = quiver of 50 arrows for 1 crown

Simple Crossbow (CT 2) 1 (70% for range 30 yards) +4 ~ 21 crowns

Sniper Crossbow (CT 3) 1 (75% for range 60 yards) +6 ~ 28 crowns

Machine Crossbow (CT 3) 4 (60% for range 50 yards) +5 ~ 35 crowns

Bolts = packet of 50 bolts for 1 crown


ie: a CT of 6 means it would require two CT3'ers or three CT2'ers or 6 CT1'ers (or a combination of people adding to 6 or higher)

Catapult (CT 6) 1/10 (80% for range 500 yards) +20 ~ 100 crowns [giant boulders: NOT SOLD]

Ballista (CT 7) 1/8 (70% for range 400 yards) +15 ~ 150 crowns [giant spears: 1 for 10 crowns]

Trebuchet (CT 4) 1/6 (75% for range 600 yards) +20 ~ 300 crowns [ammo NOT SOLD]

Battering Ram (CT 8) 1/2 (100% against immobile object, 40% against mobile object) +10 ~ 275 crowns



CT 1:

Gold Helmet (2) ~ 20 crowns

Bronze Helmet (3) ~ 3 crowns

Iron Helmet (4) ~ 5 crowns

Steel Helmet (5) ~ 6 crowns

Ornamental Steel Helmet (6) ~ 10 crowns

CT 2:

Helm Adamant (7) ~ 8 crowns *Promotional Deal* buy one get an Iron Helmet free

Helm of Warriors (12) ~ 12 crowns

Mythic Helm (17) ~ 15 crowns

CT 3:

MOH (Meteoric Ore Helmet) (25) ~ 25 crowns


CT 1:

Leather Guard (8) ~ 5 crowns

Chain Mail (10) ~ 8 crowns

CT 2:

Iron Breastplate (14) ~ 11 crowns

Steel Breastplate (15) ~ 12 crowns plus a free Dagger

CT 3:

Chain-Link Plate Armor (CLPA) (18) ~ 15 crowns

Serrated Full Body Armor Suit (SFBAS) (20) ~ 17 crowns plus a free Ornamental Steel Helmet

SHIELDS: carry in one hand. All shields are CT 1. All shields add x D to cover the limb they are being used by. They also increase evasion on that limb by y


Wooden Shield 1 .1 ~ 3 crowns

Metallic Shield 2 .15 ~ 5 crowns

Lion Shield 3 .2 ~ 8 crowns

There is also a rare CT 2 shield but they only have one in stock:

Galaxy Shield 5 .25 ~ 12 crowns

There is a Gromule Alchemist also in the shop selling some stuff.

Aquae Vitae = all body parts return to full hit points ~ 8 crowns each

Healer Pack = restore 3 hit points per pack to any body part, simulates in minutes the hour-long affects of someone with basic medical training ~ 3 crowns each

Echinacea Brew = all body parts increase by 1 hp toward fullness ~ 2 crowns per potion

Intox = drop a pill of Alchemists' intox into a drink to quickly addle someone's senses. Can also be used recreationally ~ 4 crowns for a velvet bag of 5 pills

Shamanic Shrooms = hallucinogenic mushrooms that help cure mental problems but not physical ones ~ 10 crowns per mushroom cap

Raquin Blood Vial = a vial of the sought-after blood of the flying Raquin beast. It cures all kinds of basic sickness, full of bacteria and enzymes that hunt down everything from the common cold to nastier virii ~ 15 crowns per vial. A vial has three doses worth

Twinkletoes Powder - sprinkle all over yourself to make your footsteps light, your outline hazy and your clothes not rustle. Good for sneaking up on someone ~ 12 crowns for a little pot of powder which contains 4 doses worth

Many of these treatments/substances are more effective in the hands of a Druid OR someone with basic medical training OR ESPECIALLY an Alchemist

Rope - 2 crowns

Lockpicking/Locksmithy Kit - 4 crowns

Trapsetting/Trapnerfing Kit - 4 crowns

Flame Grenade (CT 1 at short range) - 7 crowns

Goo Grenade (CT 1 at short range) - 7 crowns

Sonic Grenade (CT 1 at short range) - 7 crowns

Basic Survival Gear (backpack, bedroll, food rations for a week) - 1 crown (* SPECIAL DEAL FROM THE MONARCHY *)

so, please, make your purchases ;D Feel free to organize purchases with each other too or create a central money pool, I don't care. Each of you has 25 crowns ,spend wisely

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