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Still Standing


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a sketch.....????

a portrait or painting... Or statue


What's for lunch? :D

Neither of these, but they're as close as the other (except your last, dD). (& leftover pizza from yesterday) :rolleyes:

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art...??? an impression.....??? a shadow...???

an image?

Didn't have any leftover game munchies here :(

Sorry to hear that. ;) Am thinking beer-cheese soup for SNF. Mmm ...

there is a little ... more to the answer than has been found so far.

Yeah, I actually gave a hint before page 2, so sue me. -_- I have football & a race to watch today! :lol:

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an avatar, or profile picture

Moving away a bit now.

Edit for: On 2nd thought, still further than your other answers but having another quality mentioned in the riddle that hadn't yet been addressed.

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a personality....??? your 'essence'......??? a soul....???

the "camera" on the "stand"(in title) that took the photograph

What about...

a memory or a hologram

Memory or thought

sounds like a mug shot or maybe a picture in a nature magazine

Another line that could use more thought ... :ph34r:

Sculpture perhaps?

a museum... where history and time are preserved

could it

an hourglass... but judging on some hints you gave... it might not be right... so maybe a moving photo, taken from one of those new camera's that they show on t.v. taking moving pictures...

Nothing else so far that's any closer. There is simply ... more needed. -_-

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