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You don't make my sun rise,

I won't sing your song,

Don't care for your goats,

Sucker, don't string me along.

I don't think you're killer,

I won't stay for tea.

Here's what I think, buddy:

Stay away from me!

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(Tequila) Sun Rise, a popular "beverage" which contains it

Song - Tequila! by The Champs

Goat Sucker = El Chupacabra, another "beverage"

Killer = Matador, another "beverage"

Tea = Long Island version, another popular "beverage"

dD's fault, from WAAAY back to Tricky's flu riddle, with his Cuervo answer.


The first line of the riddle got stuck in my head immediately & I had to get rid of it.

And technically, the 'true' answer would be Cuervo, as I like many other tequilas, but would never use that. ;)

But that answer wouldn't quite write itself into my little riddle very well. :P

Thanks for playing!

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WTG..................WILSON.!!!! NIce on TG.thumbsup.gifbiggrin.gif I enjoyed this one!!

Thanks! :lol:

:lol: sometimes the hardest answer to find is the one closest to you... In that case I never had a chance :D Nice one T_L :thumbsup:

Ah, sometimes. Glad you liked it! ^_^

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