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can't think of any song thats related to goats or chupacabras....il go with the 3 billy goat gruff story though.

Nope, not that either. :lol:

if anything else needs translated.


& El Chup is related in a different way than mentioned in the song. :ph34r:

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Let's recap.

It's a song

El Chupacabra

It's a thing

Something else needs translated

Nothing pagan

Something involving some kind of tea

Not a city

Some people might think of it as the devil

References are American (not sure if they're the same elsewhere)

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The "tea is tee"and its used in American Football, for kick-off ot the extra point or the 2 point conversion, and the song is the NFL Monday night Football theme song By Hank Williams Jr............Are You Ready for some Football????????????

Long shot here.

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a show on USA called Psych. Steve Franks, the creator of Psych is in the band that sings the theme song - The Friendly Indians. They also sing a song called Chupacabras. It's especially funny if you've taken high school spanish and are now fluent.

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