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i think i can guess what it is...

its a person who uses the resource of goats? string- they use the intestines to make music string right? wont stay for tea- tea implies snacks so goat cheese/milk and crackers?

I guess you'll have to keep guessing. I don't know that goats' are never used that way, but I thought it was mainly relegated to cats.

@Framm, I think the legendary creature is supposed to have some insect-like traits, but I don't *think* there's currently a bug with that name. -_- Still pertinent to the riddle though.

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rooster perhaps?

Nope, only one creature is relevant (already found).

Edit for: Guess I should maybe mention that those outside the U.S.A. might not understand the references because I don't know if they'll differ or not. (Sorry, didn't remember that till now!)

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white supremist or nazi...


Ace Ventura - Pet Detective


someone rude to you- maybe a drunk?? or a egotistical gent. thinks hes all that

I has to be...

a rooster...??? or a snake...???

No, not any of those, but I like the answers anyway. :lol:

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