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He Made me an "A", that was okay.

Then an "A/C", skipped over "B".

That wasn't fair, so I was a "B".

Hell with that, now I'm just "C".

How long will this take?

There's 26 of those things.

Oh the pleasure the "F" would bring.

Right on to "K" then quickly an "N".

Skipping a few and still no end.

Finally all, an "R", "S", then "T".

when holy smoke it took off U C.

After all that you'd think a "T" I would stay!

But that's not What HE did they made me an "A".

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Good Morning everybody. It's Sunday and I'll be in church a few hours. Have fun with this one, check back later this afternoon. Hopefully Plainglazed doesn't get it first guess. Remember Who am I? and What am I? you'll need both.

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sorry guys those are not the answer. Sorry about delayed response, I was on the road all day today.

Was with some friends last night watching football, shared this riddle with them - gave them no extra clues, just whats written here. Got a phone call today from one of them with the answer. Sometimes when I write them I think maybe they can't be solved. This one didn't want to make it to easy, but was not sure if it would be solved. I have faith in you guys. This wasn't a intentional bump, just want to let you know it's solvable. (kind of off topic sorry, :offtopic: )

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