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a party or a car....???


'rusty coffin nail' once...

not that.

Lethal injection and a woo woo..........ever heard of "pitbull in crack??...LOL"

I like...

never heard of that one.

I'd keep the bar train of thought for the 2nd verse and for the 1st one I'd focus on an old book.

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Grey Goose?

Hey Wilson. Not the answer.

dead drunk?

Not the one.

Kahlua, 151, and Grenadine...

The Grim Reaper


Interesting. Haven't heard of that drink before. I'm thinking of a different one for this riddle. Maybe I'll give that one a go this weekend...


cover?---back cover of a book, cover charge at a bar

Very clever answer. More so than mine.

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Not the J I mean.

for some strange reason, i'm thinking of a siren (mythological and all).....

but i'm also thinking alcohol, like vodka or beer......(i'm thinking sickened smiley right now)

Alcohol for the 2nd part.


good movie, but not the answer.

Maybe people haven't heard of this drink. But for the first part think of a part in the Bible. Something signaling the end of times kind of thing.

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