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Yeah. I just don't get around to checking my MM a lot. Maybe it's the lack of amazing brain teasers? Or maybe it's because I never quite figured out how the heck to maneuver around the forum...

But that sounds like a pretty sweet mafia idea. If there's gonna be a detective faction, you have to put L in it, and possibly non-Kira-Light. And the anime baddies could have Aizen. But you probably have those already, don't you? You know what, I think I'll just shut up now.

On a completely unrelated :offtopic: note: w00t! MY 1000TH POST!!!!!!!!! And it only took me almost two years to get here!!!!!!! Hehe....

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You could get some more experience playing Justice League UNLEASHED [/shameless advertising]

It's a shame, though. the older, better generations of mafiosos and mafiosas seem to have moved on from the Den.

Hello Mafiosos and Mafiosas, On this thread please post: - A mafia idea (no roles, just a general idea), - Who will be hosting it (whether you want to host it, want somebody else to host it, or

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Congrats on 1000. And of course Aizen, L, Kira will be in. Probably not non-Kira, but Kira and L could easily wind up with btsc, 1/4 chance of that I think. Once Easter Egg is ready to go I'll go ahead and make a thread on MM to develop this one. It will have some Bleach, Death Note, Case Closed, and some others like maybe Cardcaptor Sakura or Angelic Layer, etc. Hopefully characters that people will have a fair chance of knowing. Oooh, Inu Yasha, for sure.

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Ooh, yay! Case Closed is awesome, too! I really need to start watching that again. Maybe after I get a little farther into Bleach.... Oh, are you putting it on MM? Hmmm, I'll need to resurrect my account there...

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Coup cancelled. Not enough players + not enough time for me to host it if we wait.


EDIT: I can pass on the secret abilities if someone wants to host it. Feel free to modify whatever.

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I notice there is no active mafia on BD, TMM7 is still taking sign ups, and the next mafia in line is Klue's and he is away. I have an Easter Egg mafia in the "ready to go" section on MM, not in a que yet, already been through feedback there. I would love to host it over here and am ready to go whenever, just need the ok to put up a sign up thread and could start once it fills up. And Aaryan mentioned there was something special to be done to create the game thread, but never elaborated on it, so I would just need to know what special thing(s) to do at that time. I also do not need a cohost but would love to work with one.

Easter Egg Mafia is 14 players, 3 are bad, 2 indy, 9 goodie.

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Other people are hosting now, Sakura. Within the past couple of pages there should be a schedule of upcoming games, other than the newbie mafias. You can try to host *after*, and good luck getting players, but, based on who people seem to think you are, I don't know that you'll succeed, although I'm willing to give you a chance.

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