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Oblivious to your plight,

the world spins on it's axis;

Throughout blood sweat and tears,

and the most rigorous practice.

They come one by one,

claws flash at the wounds.

Bear the pain, fight in silence,

the end will come all too soon.

A glimmer of hope......

but that light has gone out.

Fear and frustration builds;

sureness fades into doubt.

As your last breath is drawn,

see the predators' mad grins.

Fallen form shoved aside,

a new dance it begins.

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global warming, or quitting a habit.

Could be be...

and a stalker/murder

hmmm... i could see where both of you are coming from, but not quite where you are going to end up

not any of these though

Edit: and it is definitely a metaphor thumbsup.gif

Edited by dyalDragon
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a vampire...???? like in twilight?

I like the book, but not the movie....biggrin.gif

P.S: love the riddle......and the dragon pic.........biggrin.gif

haven't read the book yet, but not a vampire although i wrote something in high school similar to this about a vampire wink.gif

and not that either Gmaster

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