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  1. Ok.

    I came up with this myself so tell my if there are glitches.......

    In a house

    color white

    lived a man

    seasons passed

    jb shot him dead

    never was a greater man

    His name brings thoughts

    but the last part of his name

    is no plus

    The first rhymes with


    to stick yourself with



    Who is he and where is the house??

  2. Since the room can have only 11 men, that means the king, with out his royal guard, is alone in a room with 10 desperate convicts. He gets taken hostage and the prisoners demand a chopper and $10 Million in small bills and head off to the Bahamas. :D

    Well they do have cameras, but that's not unlikely......... :o

  3. I touched on the subject of charity in another recent topic, and although I spoke against charity there, I don't wish to do so here, but I'd like to explore the morality behind it.

    Here's a hypothetical situation:

    You see a news report on TV about some disaster in a far-off country. There is an appeal for people to donate money to save lives. Let's say every 50€ (substitute amount and currency of your choosing) you give will save someone's life. What do you do?

    If you donate 50€ you have the comfort of knowing you have saved a life. But perhaps the nagging realisation that you could have saved two lives for 100€ but chose not to because you were so tight-fisted you'd rather let the second person die than stump up the extra cash.

    OK, so why not save two lives for 100€? Ten for 500€? Where do you stop? Let's say you could get a loan for 50,000€ though unfortunately you have no way of paying it back so you'll be creating a heap of financial trouble for yourself. Surely it's worth it for the 1000 lives you would save?

    ****What I'd like to know is: How do you do it? Think back to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, or another recent humanitarian disaster. Did you donate money to help the victims? How much? If you believe there was a moral imperative to do so, why didn't you donate more? Do you feel guilty about having consumer goods you don't really need (like the computer you're sitting in front of*) when the money that bought them could have saved more lives?

    Good post! I'm sorry i didn't donate - im just a kid! but that is a good point. I do know my family didn't pass it by though. We tried to help. My dad wrote a letter to out state about the tsunami (did i spell it wrong?) Anyways, thats a good point. save lives but don't get your own in trouble.

  4. good thinking

    we needed to start chucking some ideas around.

    I know i'm putting a lot of post up at once, but here's another one:

    good idea lemonymelon! here are some random ideas....


    2)letters (to who? i don't know but with the word of peace



    5).......... (anybody else?)

  5. How about we have a contest to see who can write the best letter, to convince non-believers, that world peace is worth striving for. I am noticing also, that some of us think it will never happen.

    Just because something has not happened, does not mean it never will. ;):D Does not mean it can't. ;)

    Good point. The only way to do this is to believe in it. Then we can really start to achive something! :)

  6. The best thing right now I think is just spread the word as much as possible to have alot of recognition. Unless someone cares to start a peace website of our own. Don't look at me, I'm unable.

    Chain emails requires exposing your address that most of us keep discreet purposely. I was thinking of this club being involved in a sharing way. One idea, was to share our favorite food recipes with the whole world. If any of you would like to start a Peace Club favorite recipes topic, please do so. I may not have enough time to keep with it. I also think no one cares. :( I can add some recipes otherwise. :D

    I might be able to do the website thing. I've done it before, for fun, but i might be able to do it for you guys (and girls).

    Tell me yes or no.

    If so, tell me what you want.


  7. Maybe he was part of a mafia group or something, and planned it instead of dreaming it. He, though, wanted to 'save the queen' 'long live the queen'.

    ohhh yahhhhh.....

    and he was sleeping on the job

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