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  1. nope! and sure...first im going to just put all the hints together, one last time. i know this isnt all the hints, but im honestly to lazy to go back for the ones that i forgot.
  2. peace*out

    yeah. its supposed to look like a drowning man, but it looks like "lol" so it says: If you see someone drowning, LAUGH OUT LOUD [then] call 911
  3. ...i WISH i had your grades... my pre exam grade for physics is an 89, but thats all i know so far. Just curious: if you speculate that drugs and other stuff does this, and you say it makes you dump, lazy, and...lazy again i guess, why do you do it? because of the high? ETA: izzy, ive also been noticing ive been saying "meh" a lot. did you used to do htat? cause i got it from someone...
  4. peace*out

    YES!!! i havent heard either of those before! New blond jokes!
  5. wow this rule must be hard or i am stupid because that was the third time none of my words got in dang it
  6. peace likes to brag about everything she can because it is fun
  7. im not. i dont think ive taken them in over a week. my parents dont understand why, and now i have facts, i can tell them (well, izzy facts, but isnt that enough?). I know my room neighbor has ADD and takes them constantly, so she cant focus without them anymore. ahh yes...but as im on the side that supported legalizing it, i wouldnt want to put THAT in there! glad your back..for now. *hugs*
  8. peace*out


    1. TheCube 2. Aaryan 3. PAYCE 4. Thalia 5. momo 6. JDave 7. kris 8. Shadow 9. 10. adding shadow
  9. peace*out

    hahaha! or on May 21st...WHICH NEVER HAPPENED!!!
  10. I just want to update you all on my life that no one really cares about. oh well. WE WON THE DEBATE! :D but to keep this on topic, i was the first argument and this is what i said (yes i know its not gramatically correct a lot - i fixed it while reading, but oh well): Marijuana is a drug with many health benefits, and very few unwanted side effects. While many negative stigmas are attached to the drug, Marijuana is quite beneficial as a health aid, and does not cause much, if any, harm to the user. Lester Grinspoon, MD, said that “There is very little evidence that smoking marijuana as a means of taking it represents a significant health risk.” He went on to note that there have been no cases of lung cancer that were caused by smoking marijuana. The Guardian, a UK newspaper reported in an article that Marijuana was “not toxic to humans.” Along with not being toxic, Marijuana is not a physically addicting drug. Both Colin Blakemore, PhD and Leslie Iversen, PhD say that, “there is scant evidence that [marijuana] carries a risk of true addiction. Unlike cigarette smokers, most users do not take the drug on a daily basis and usually abandon it in their twenties and thirties.” This is different from legal substances today, like nicotine, found in cigarettes, and alcohol. Three PhDs listed 6 substances in the order of addictiveness. Out of Nictotine, Heroin, Cocaine, Alcohol, Caffeine and Marijuana, Marijuana was last EVERY TIME, even listed as less addicting then Caffine, a substance used everyday by many people. Even though there are particles, tar, and other toxins that could be absorbed by smoking marijuana, a Vaporizer removes all of these harmful effects. Along with abolishing all of those health effects, using the vaporizer means that there is no smoke what-so-ever, meaning that no one would be effected by second-hand-smoke. Marijuana is also a drug with many different health benefits, which is why it had been used for thousands of years. Marijuana provides relief from pain, a feeling that is often a result of illnesses or hospital procedures. A study done by Dr. Daniel Arams shows that marijuana was capable of reducing daily pain by 34%. Taking marijuana would allow many people relief from pain, and would result in better sleep quality. Studies show that marijuana also reduces nausea more than any other drug that was tested alongside it. This is very good for people with cancer, who are getting chemotherapy. Another side effect of chemo is loss of appetite, which marijuana also deals with by stimulates the appetite (around 50%) and, when tested on mice, increases the intake by about 22%. Another benefit of Marijuana is that it helps with the side effects of Multiple Sclerosis and spinal cord injuries. Another study was done on the effects of marijuana relating to epilepsy. This study showed that marijuana is a powerful anticonvulsant, and one that would be effective in treating seizures. When tested in relation to Torette’s syndrome, marijuana reduced “tics.” Studies also show that not only does marijuana not impair cognitive functions (shown in a study from John Hopkins University), but using marijuana actually INCREASES the brain’s ability to learn and function, as shown by a study done in April, 2004. Together, these facts show that Marijuana, while portrayed as a health risk, is actually a very helpful drug that could be used to help humanity.
  11. peace*out

    that and haha. i am almost never laughing when i say that. it just makes things less...awkward, i guess? If im cracking up ill say i acually laughed out loud, but if i say "ha" i just write haha. sorry...opp topic i know *hangs head in shame*
  12. peace*out

    awwww, i like it. i didnt see this till now - thanks for replying to it cubie! and now and again really doesnt describe how much your awesomeness is prevalent.
  13. peace*out

    i have no idea... TELL ME!!
  14. 1. TheCube 2. momo 3. 4. peace is out 5. MoMa 6. 7. 8. 9.
  15. i know! my favorite one.
  16. 707 The story i heard was just how to punch in the numbers so it spells 55378008 as the punchline.
  17. peace*out


    does EDM still have the message akriti sent to her? I really want to know that last line! ETA: word changing
  18. peace*out

    I know, I know, rapture smapture. none the less, i thought this was funny. WARNING WARNING WARNING This could be very offensive. I dont agree with ALL of it, but it made me laugh.
  19. ...actually back? PLEASE COME BACKKKKK

  20. is happy this thread is resurected because im so self centered and its fun
  21. peace*out


    1. TheCube 2. Aaryan 3. PAYCE 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ETA: forgot to remove qutoe tags
  22. WIFOM!!! *does a little dance* ...then again, you may be a baddie which means option #2 would be bad for you, but not so bad for the goodies.
  23. peace*out

    haha it was so wet that the rain seemed dry.
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