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  1. :( ill check...just go onto my photo albums in gallery, click on my drawings album, and TADA!
  2. :) I love watching them.
  3. :P I'm good! just finished with exams. I like your name. i read the power of one last summer for school. :P
  4. :P yes, i tend to do that too...luckily its cleaned up now! :D i finished about an half hour ago! :) hows life?
  5. update. its 2019 and i still havent forgotten this password

  6. :/ GET BETTER!!! it sucks to have the flu. The storms over - it was only going on for a few hours, but i still went crazy. :P

  7. :/ i havent taken that yet. what are you reading in english?

  8. ....aaaaaannnnnnndddddddd break is over. :(

  9. ...12 days...

    1. Guest


      and counting

    2. Guest


      hey whats going on

  10. ...actually back? PLEASE COME BACKKKKK

  11. ...how did i not notice that before!!!!!!!

    we should have a club along with PoetGirl95, and colorclown26...

    but yeah. THATS AWESOME! :D ...im sorry if i seem over excited, its just 11, and im bored, that has been the only interesting event so far :P

  12. ...i looked at the comment below and realized that pms should really be PMs. like personal messages. not pms. sowwy.

    other than that little screw up, hows like home skillet?

  13. ...i meant to say "hows life?" whoops! GAH. EXAM TIME! sorry for inturrupting you. ill talk to you in the summer...byeeeeee!!! (or sooner - it depends) :)

  14. ...just realized that a least 3 out of my 48 friends are 16 year old guys...

  15. ...ok maybe, that is better than blockflies, misquitos and ticks. meh :P either way, TEH SUN IS OUT NOW!!!

    so i guess you win :P

  16. ...thats awesome. your SO lucky. and yes - my SAT was this morning. I did...good? I hope. :P either way, i can always retake it as a junior if i do horrably. :P howd you get out in april?!?!?!? :o

  17. ...youre right. :)

    however, since "Hens chocolate then Peter one hundred and twenty five!" was on easter, you could say hens = eggs, chocolate - chocolate, and peter stands for peter rabbit, and that one hundred and twenty five = # of eggs in an easter hunt.

    now so random now, is it?? :P

  18. "Ever look in a mirror as if your seeing a whole other world? Well this time it's not an illusion." ~The Eleventh Doctor

  19. *attempting* nanowrimo! :D

    1. Molly Mae

      Molly Mae

      Is that a pokey mans?

    2. tiger_lily111


      Good luck - but at least have fun. =)

      MoMa - National Novel Writing Month ... as in, people try to write a novel in the month of November.

    3. MissKitten


      Haha, I tried to write a novel over the summer. I failed. The closest I'll ever get is writing crappy fan fiction.

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