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  1. !^%$(&(+*&*%^$&_()_+)_*rvygr$%*jo&*^ew^£"!k<(un^r$dc"$&n&n %&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS SO UNFAIR! FROZEN AGAIN! LOL :lol::D

    Edit - Do you folks think I should change my pic back?

  2. Think somethings wrong here:

    Both Frozen and Dragonjest shielded me, so I went from SP - 5 to SP - 7. Then I switched Mekal's Flummox and curse, causing him to curse me, so my SP - 6. So why is my SP - 5?

  3. If you posted the time that the next round would start (i.e. the time limit to PM you our spell choices)

    in the post before e.g.:

    Roster with shield points etc.

    Time limit untill next round

    That would help :lol::D

  4. our current roster:

    Duel Master: Unreality

    1) Frost

    2) Frozen in Fire

    3) CL

    4) PG

    5) GC


    C'mon, sign up, you know you want to And the earlier you do, the more effective your Flummox and Vacuums are of course.

    P.s. How many players are you wating for untill we play?

  5. Your idea is really good. But i have almost get the script prepared. I would see the rough tuning before I can fine-tune it.

    Maybe I should save this for BOW #2.

    Point taken. Thanks.

    Just thought it might be a good idea. :lol:

  6. I would like to suggest a couple of ideas(they're probably useless but I might as well try):

    You could make it so that the battles(at night obv) are split into two types, hand to hand combat and ranged, so for example - night 1, Hand to hand combat(swords, knives etc.), night 2, ranged combat(bows and arrows, throwing stars etc.), night 3 hand to hand combat..... and so on

    You could also(if you take up the first idea) change each player's stats according to what weapon they werent using, for example, Kat picks a sword and a bow. Her attack when using the sword is slightly lower than usual because she has a bow slung over her back, and vice versa, whereas if she picked a sword and a throwing star, her ranged attack would be slightly lower(because a throwing star isn't as powerful as a bow) but her attack when using the sword is higher because a throwing star isn't as big and bulky as a bow, so she has more room to move about. You would have to think about this for quite a while, as it would require a lot of fine tuning. You would also have to understand exactly what each person's chosen weapon was and what it could do. :lol:

  7. I agree - Marth is plain awsome!!!!!!!!!

    I'm better with lucario(probably something to do with all the times i've used him) but somehow, he's just not as fun :D

    I don't suppose you could give me any hints on fighting with Marth? :lol:

    I don't get much lag on wi-fi but I get more when i'm playing Prince Marth???

    He must have a rubbish connection :P

  8. I did that with Samus - Marth was just standing there, and i thought perhaps he wasn't paying attention (I didn't realise he had the franklin badge on) so I charged my blaster up full and hit him - and I got smashed off the stage with my own attack <_< How stupid!! :lol:

  9. I'm willing 2 play. here's my reposted friend code - 0946 3714 4738 - Can't wait 2 play Prince Marth!

    He'll get thrashed!!!! :lol: <_<

    BTW, my computer's in the other room so i will have 2 run between them 2 play and post.

    Favs - Characters, 1.Lucario 2.Ike 3.Samus

    Levels, Final destination, and my custom one (Olde Ruins)

    Can I add u guys 2 my friend list on brainden?

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