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  1. I've thought of a good song - Apache by The Shadows, it sounds Mafiaish!

    If anyone wants to listen to it, i'll e mail it to you.

    Also, I've got the music for it, so if you want to do something similar, i can send the tab to izzy and we could use bits of it. Best of all, if we use the song, I had to play it at my primary school assembly and I can play the chords easily! I could also pick up the tab quickly if needed!

    We would have to just use little bits of the song, if we used it, as i'm not sure if we could fit trumpets into the original song.

    One problem, we will have to totally make up some words if we are singing! (a general problem, not just for this song)

    *shouts* "Kat! Do you think you could make up words easily that would fit into a mafia style song?"

  2. Some artists (not in any order)


    Bryan Adams


    The Shadows

    Mariah Carey

    Suzanne Ciani (when i'm tired and sleepy)

    I only have one song from a couple of others, so I didn't bother mentioning them. B))

  3. Host: Reaymond

    1. DMS

    2. Prince Marth

    3. Silverheart

    4. SomeGuy

    5. Star Tiger

    6. Crazypainter

    7. Izzy

    8. Twin Pop

    9. Kat

    10. Limeliam

    11. Twin_Bro

    12.A. Person

    13. Riranor


    15. andromeda

    16. Dr Destructo

    17. Panther


    18. Peace



    Edit - messed up the quote thingy :blush:

  4. !!! I just realized we don't have a drummer!!! Does anyone play drums?

    This is always my problem when it comes to bands, everyone sings and plays guitar, no one plays drums.. <_<

    I know someone who plays drums, she's my friends sister. She's a lot older than me, though... Maybe my friend knows some drumming from her... I could ask?

    I know some basic stuff on the drums, but thats all. <_< (my primary 7 teacher plays drums, and he taught me a bit)

    Edit - I don't have any drums though...

  5. What if... *thinks*

    What if one person records something, using a metronome, and sends it to someone else, who listens to the first recording while playing their part, (make sure you record the original as well [ if anyone needs help with the recording part, Audacity is a free audio program in which you can record multiple things at once]) and then sends the new file (which has their part and the original part combined) to someone else, who then does the same, and so on...

    We will need a list of the order in which we will send it to, we don't want someone sending the file to someone who's already done it, and we will also need to agree on a basic tune so that it doesn't sound all weird with two different styles in the same song clashing. With Audacity (or garageband if your luck enough to have it) you can record clips from songs, so we could pick actual songs and play bits from them along with us playing!

    Also, we would need to use MSN or similar to send the files.


  6. Guitar

    Izzy (electric guitar)

    Panther (acoustic/electric guitar [i have an electro-acoustic guitar, and an electric guitar] )


    Kat (voice)

    Peace (voice)


    Neptune (Flute (what I'm best at), Tenor Sax(What I'm really good at))

    RainThinker-Violin (moderatly good, I play it for school)

    O'mally- Trumpet (on my 3rd year) Piano (I toke lessons for 5 years...)


    1. ST (Piano)

    2. Neptune (Piano (What I can pull off pretty well))

  7. This is one AMAZING recipie!!

    Apple and Almond Crumble

    It makes roughly 6 - 8 servings, but we usually make it then freeze half for another time!

    Ingredients -

    Lots of apples (around 850g - 900g[it can be any fruit])

    25g light brown sugar

    3 tsp grnd cinnamon

    1/4 tsp grnd cloves

    110g whole almonds (optional)

    75g butter diced small

    175g self raising flour (sifted)

    110g demera sugar

    Nice served with custard *mmm*

    Pre - heat the oven to 200°C

    Take the skin off the apples, cut the cores out (obviously) and slice into thickish kind of slices. Toss the slices into a bowl with the light brown sugar, 1 tsp of the grnd cinnamon and the cloves and place to one side in a baking dish.

    Place the butter into a bowl (or similar) with the sifted flour and rub together with the tips of your fingers untill it resembles crumbs, then mix in (still with your fingers) the rest of the cinnamon, the sugar and the almonds (the almonds should already be chopped)

    Now all that's left is to sprinkle the crumble mixture over the apples, right to the edge of the dish, and press it down firmly with the flat of your hands (the more tightly packed, the crispier), and finish it off by running a fork lightly over the mixture.

    Bake it in the oven for 35 - 40 minutes, and by that time the apples should be soft, and the topping should be goldern brown and crisp.

    Leave to rest for 10 - 15 minutes before serving, and like I already mentioned, it's heaven with home made custard *mmmm*


    I would like it if anyone who tries this recipe would rate it (like, 4 star, 3 star etc.)

    That would help me give you better recipes!


  8. After Christmas, i'm going to buy a mixer, and i'll be able to control all my guitar input before it even gets to my computer. B))

    So, basically, in *checks date ;) * 6 days, i'll be absolutely ready to record anything! :D

  9. After Christmas, i'm going to buy a mixer, and i'll be able to control all my guitar input before it even gets to my computer. B))

    So, basically, in *checks date ;) * 6 days, i'll be absolutely ready to record anything! :D

  10. no that was an automatic redirect to the home page of the forum :D Which means that user 1 doesn't technically exist as a normal user with a "userpage" and stuff

    edit: for something unrelated to this, see post 23 please people ;D

    Just wanted 2 say, all user numbers up to and including 52 redirect you to the home page, and (so far) 53 and up give member profiles?!? But all the members around those numbers seem to have no deatails and no posts, so maybe they were test accounts?

  11. Leader:RainThinker

    1) Peace

    2) ST

    3) slick

    4) clozo laugh

    5) Ben Law

    6) reaymanator - can't keep me out of this

    7)A. Person

    8) FIF

    9) Kat

    10) AAAsn888s

    11) Panther

    You aint stoppin' me!!

  12. Whoops, nearly forgot!

    I think silverheart has been a bit too lucky; there's something fishy about her, as i'm not sure about her last minute 'whoops I wasn't on sorry here's my excuse' when she was nearly lynched - maybe she was talking/PM ing her baddie friends to ask them about it?

    I couldn't find much else info that says anyone else might be a baddie, so maybe she's the last one?


    Recruiter: Warriors of Light

    1) Kathleen (Poisoned)

    2) Mekal (Dead – Killed by Xemnas)

    3) Panther - voting for Silverheart

    4) Reaymond (Dead – Killed by Cloud and Sephiroth)

    5) frozen_in_fire

    6) RainThinker (Dead - Executed and found to be Kefka)

    7) Limeliam (Dead – Killed by Kuja)

    8) Puzzlegirl

    9) dms172

    10) star_tiger (Dead – Killed by Ultimecia)

    11) crazypainter (Dead – Killed by Kuja)

    12) Silverheart

  13. That which you caused was receiving the item as a thank you for your vulgarity. Take it now you may never have the chance to do it in your bed. (could have been 'grave', but i like the sound of 'bed' better!

  14. 1) Kathleen (Poisoned)voting for RainThinker

    2) Mekal (Dead – Killed by Xemnas)

    3) Panther voting for RainThinker

    4) Reaymond (Dead – Killed by Cloud and Sephiroth)

    5) frozen_in_fire voting for RainThinker

    6) RainThinker

    7) Limeliam voting for Silverheart

    8) Puzzlegirl voting for RainThinker

    9) dms172 voting for SILverheart

    10) star_tiger voting for Rainthinker

    11) crazypainter voting for Rainthinker

    12) Silverheart voting for Rainthinker

    Sorry Rainthinker, but the inactives have to go. :(

    At least you'll be able to eat as muck ghost popcorn as you want after you get lynched :P

    Please share some with me B))

  15. Power Packs triggered! - condition #3

    3 new power packs have been placed on the map as condition #3 has been triggered. Condition #3 happens when the summoning list is required by a certain player.

    I have sent the summoning list via pm to ???. You have got 48 hours exactly from the time this post is sent, I am being less lenient from now on as it could take a while... This is unless i have to restart again for some reason. Any more q's either pm me, or post them on here so I can answer to everyone. Thanks for your patience and consideration for this matter.


    We already know that ??? is DMS, you said so in your last two posts! :P

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