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    here is how I would do it.
  2. preflop

    Good job Pickett. 1/2 hour that was quick.
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    OK gang this is an original Einstein type riddle. I hope it's not too easy. Five college friends all got jobs working as computer programmers following their graduation. They all went to work for different companies. As it turns out in each of their jobs they each used a different programming language. So they would get together every Friday for a drink after work and discuss which was the best programming language. They all drank a different beverage (the designated driver drank soda). Determine the programming language each person used, the company they worked for and the type of drink they had at the bar. 1. The one who worked at DataCo drank Beer, but it wasn’t Al. 2. Gerald, who didn't program in Java, didn’t work at WebCo. 3. The Perl programmer worked CompCo. 4. Sam, who didn't progam in SQL, worked at InfoCo but his favorite drink wasn’t Soda. 5. Keith drank Wine but didn't work for WebCo. 6. Al did not know how to program in Java. 7. Dave a C programmer was not the designated driver. 8. Gerald, who didn't program in SQL and didn't work for AppCo, sipped Gin while chatting with his friends. 9. The PHP programmer, whose first name wasn’t Al, liked to drink Whisky and did not work for AppCo.
  4. Hmm an answer a 5 year old can understand.....
  5. congrats on becoming a moderator

  6. preflop

    For this version of the the game
  7. preflop

    I think you are close but
  8. preflop

    Thalia, I will have to check the key to be sure (i left it at work) but for my 6 I think you got every language correct. That is amazing! Very nice job. I will let you know on Monday for sure when I can check the key.
  9. preflop

    Very nice, I am glad you extended it.
  10. preflop

    Nice job Shadow7, Molly Mae, and maurice! all are correct. but..... no language guesses.
  11. preflop

    Ok this is not my original idea, I saw something similar on another site. But it seems fun to me, so here we go. I took 6 movie titles and went to Babel Fish, and translated the titles into another language. Then I took the translation and re-translated it back into English. Below are the 6 new movie titles. Can you tell me the real movie title, and the language I used to translate (note I used a different language for each movie) Note: I did not use any capitalization in the movie titles when I translated them. Have fun 1. it shows of the questionnaire 2. the harmed cupboard 3. this way well since it gets 4. at a night of most intense time 5. millions of babies of the dollar 6. history of the toy
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    D & C statements cannot conform to the rules you laid out.
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    Panwar I think you are very close, I would modify your procedure slightly
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